Weight Benches

Weight benches allow members to get the most out of training and we have a wide range of options available from fixed and adjustable, to incline or decline weight benches. Our benches have been designed to support a range of movements including benching, rowing, and pressing. Whether it's a small personal training studio or a commercial gym, each weight bench in our range has been expertly designed to suit a wide range of facilities.

Designing quality strength equipment is what we do. Every single bench offers a solid foundation to lift from, whether that's a novice picking up their first dumbbell or a veteran lifter. Equipment like this is perfect no matter the fitness goal, whether that's practising technique or pushing for a new PR. All our weight benches are compatible with our larger rigs or racks. To complete the setup browse our full range of compatible free weights, strength equipment, and weight sets.

Our range of weight benches also works with a wide range of other products when combined with barbells, dumbbells, or other strength equipment. If you’re unsure of which weight bench to choose then read our weight bench buying guide. If you'd prefer to speak with one of the team members you can get in touch with them on 0333 2000 750 or email them at [email protected]. We're always happy to help!

Types of Weight Bench

Adjustable Weight Bench: This range of weight benches comes in a variety of different style types. Our Fitbox Studio Bench is a handy option for studio spaces running HIIT or circuit-based classes whereas our Adjustable Olympic Bench is ideally suited to anyone wanting to push for a new bench press or shoulder press PR.

Flat Weight Bench: Our flat weight bench is a great starting point for strength training. The design allows it to handle a wide range of movements and it comes in a sleek matte black finish which is why it's a favourite among commercial gym owners. We added wheels to this model making it easier to move around the gym if the space is being re-arranged and a thick 65mm seat padding.

Olympic Weight Bench: We also offer incline, decline, and flat bench options in this style. They include additional plate storage which is ideal for strength training and have two catchers allowing barbells to be set at different starting heights. We even added in a spotter platform on the adjustable version to make training more supportive by making spotting easier. Once again we used 100 x 50mm box steel section on the frame and added band pegs on either side for anyone looking for additional resistance in their training.

Specialist Weight Bench: These are our more unique weight benches which allow targeting of specific muscle groups. Take our sissy squat machine as an example, it can be used to really focus on building that teardrop look in the quads. We also have our Chin Dip Machine which is built for working on the core, back, and arm muscles. If a strong core is what you're after then our Ab Bench might appeal more whereas if clients want to grow their glutes then the Origin Hip Thruster Box is a great addition.

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