The most pivotal component in any gym and should be top of mind when opening a new facility, having correct gym flooring protects clients, equipment, and your site from the inevitable damage that can occur day-to-day in gyms. As gym flooring is the most used piece of gym equipment it is essential to consider available space, room shape and any gym equipment which will be placed on top of the flooring, as all of this will impact which flooring solution is right for your gym.

Our expertise in the fitness industry means we can collaborate with you to create a gym flooring solution that works for your space. Our extensive range of gym flooring options enables us to help you protect your gym from damage, scratches, dents and marks. We can also help you to protect equipment by reducing wear and tear, excessive damage and increase gym equipment lifespan by choosing the right flooring. We offer a number of solutions that are both versatile and cost effective for home gym or commercial gym environments, and we also try to be as eco-friendly as we can be by using recycled materials where possible.

Types of Gym Flooring

  • Rubber Interlocking Gym Floor Tile: This tile has a thickness of 10mm and is the ideal flooring solution for home or gym use as it is slightly harder wearing than the EVA equivalent, meaning these tiles will protect your floor from damage and marks.

  • Soft & Firm Jigsaw Mats: Our soft mat is made from made of lightweight EVA whereas the firm mat is made of dual density EVA, both are used in leading gyms and health clubs across the UK. They are anti-slip, lightweight, fully interlocking, easy to wipe and come in a range of colours.

  • Classic Floor Tiles: This tile is general purpose and made of 100% SBR which gives good impact performance and durability, they have a thickness of 20mm or 40mm.

  • High Impact Tile: Best for free weights and strength areas they are made with 88% recycled material and has a thickness of 40mm.

  • Premium Tile: Slightly thinner than our High Impact Tiles, these have a premium feel, provide a good level of protection, and are made from 75% recycled material.

  • Spectrum Tile: Integrates with our High Impact Tiles making them perfect for free weights areas, strength and conditioning zones, and Olympic Lifting sections, they comes in a range of colours and have a thickness of 40mm.

  • Flooring roll: These pair well with cushioned underlays, are a cost effective solution when used over a large space and have a quicker installation time compared to alternatives.

  • 10mm Underlay: These are easy to install, have impact and airborne performance, are resistant to ageing and deformation, are also mildew and moisture proof, and easily go beneath tiles.

  • Sprint Track: They define your functional area and are an exciting way to upgrade your gyms space. We can create custom client designs on these and they also come in a range of colours which we can match to suit your gyms brand.

If you’re still not sure on what gym flooring is right for you we have a useful Gym Flooring Buying Guide or you can speak with one of our friendly team on 0131 526 3770 or email us on [email protected].

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