Gym Nation


Gym Nation Case Study

WHO: Gym Nation & Tom Alder

WHERE: London

TYPE: Independent Gym


Andy Parsons (Founder & CEO), George Armstrong (Co-Founder & Head of Operations), and Hubert Schwandt (Co-Founder & Head of Sales), aimed to establish a fitness hub that transcended the traditional gym experience.

The main challenge was creating a unique and functional gym that was inclusive and accommodating to all fitness styles. This meant the team faced the challenge of creating a space that not only provided top-notch fitness facilities but cultivated genuine connections among members.

Given the competitive fitness landscape in London, Andy, George and Hubert needed to differentiate GymNation by offering more than just a place to work out. They envisioned a sanctuary where individuals of all fitness levels could feel welcomed and supported, and where the community played a central role in members' fitness journeys.


To address the multifaceted needs of GymNation's clientele, Origin Fitness focused on creating a versatile space that catered to various fitness preferences and goals. Drawing inspiration from the success of performance gyms like 1VIGOR, Tom Alder recognised the importance of zoning the layout to accommodate different workout styles.

Embracing the principles of group training over traditional classes, the team designed GymNation to offer a dynamic range of workout options. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions to functional training and strength-building exercises, members could choose activities that aligned with their interests and fitness levels.

Key Equipment

Key elements of GymNation's layout included designated areas for HIIT cardio, functional training, and communal spaces for group workouts. By incorporating a diverse range of equipment such as Origin Storm Air Bikes, Origin Storm Rowers, Origin Storm Ski Trainers and Origin Storm Curved Treadmill.

For the lover of strength training, Origin has selected a set of Origin UD3 Urethane Dumbbells in a range of 2kg-70kg, Impulse IF93 Dual Bicep/Tricep Machine, Impulse IF93 Vertical Row/Lat Pulldown Machine, Impulse IT95 Lateral Raise, GymNation ensured that members had access to tools that supported their fitness goals.

But what steals the show is the Origin Performance Series Custom Rack providing three lifting stations, combined with weight plate storage, ball storage shelves and Wall Ball Targets. Upstairs, the uniquely designed spin classroom features an army of Origin OC5 Indoor Cycles.


With GymNation's doors now open, Andy, George and Hubert have successfully brought their vision to life. Members are not only experiencing physical transformations but also forging meaningful connections within the GymNation community.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with members praising the supportive atmosphere and diverse range of workout options available. It was a pleasure to work with the team at GymNation who had some kind words about their experiance working with Origin to bring this vision to life.

The main one is the customer service. From the day I met the team, and all the way to install, we had loads of help along the way. They were very responsive and very flexible with our needs, which is awesome. The quality of the kit is impressive as well, it's very good, really durable and our members absolutely love it.

- Andy Parsons, Founder & CEO

As GymNation continues to thrive, Andy, George and Hubert remain dedicated to upholding the values of community, inclusion, and giving back. By prioritising the needs of its members and fostering a supportive environment, Origin Fitness has positioned GymNation as a beacon of fitness and camaraderie in the heart of London Bridge.

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