Student Roost - York House

Student Roost - York House


Welcome to York House, one of Student Roost's largest sites. A fresh new student housing complex that offers a great student living experience to its residents. James, the Student Roost manager, worked with Hannah Cameron, the Origin Account Manager, to create the brand new student living quarters in the centre of Nottingham.

Student Roost - York House

The Goal

York House is one of the largest Student Roost locations, with a total of 472 student rooms available. The aim was to create a space that is not only enjoyable for students to train in but also has a diverse set of equipment to meet everyone's workout goals.

Many students who choose to stay with Student Roost are likely first-time visitors to the city, so providing a warm and welcoming environment is important. This was achieved by creating a dedicated training facility that goes above and beyond while taking current fitness trends and equipment into consideration.

Student Roost - York house, Free Weights

Gym Design

Throughout the design process, there were numerous structural alterations to contend with. This meant that the proposed designs had to be revised on a regular basis to ensure that the space not only looked and felt wonderful but also complemented the items chosen.

It was clear that every section of the facility would impress, and provide everything a gym-goer could ever need. A big focal point for this space was a new sprint track. This is something that many Student Roost locations do not offer due to lack of space, so it really added extra appeal to the student site.

Student Roost - York House, Turf


To meet the needs of its students, we included a variety of different types of equipment. Featuring three main sections to the fitness space; cardio, strength and functional.

Hannah, the Account Manager, carefully selected the equipment in each section to ensure that it was not only beneficial to the site's demographic but also fit within the facility's budget.

Student Roost - York House, Cardio Equipment

Cardio items from our Impulse and Origin ranges were installed, which were cost-effective, easy to use, and ideal for end-users. For the high-traffic student facility, the Impulse AC2990 Commercial Treadmill and Impulse Encore ECE5 Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer were well suited.

In addition, two Origin OC5 Indoor Cycles with the Origin Indoor Cycle Computer were fitted to provide a cardio alternative. For virtual lessons, students can utilise them in conjunction with their own exercise apps.

Student Roost - York House, Free Weights

To keep the room as spacious as possible, Hannah opted for supplying York House with a bespoke Elite Series Rig. Large enough to store all functional equipment supplied to keep the area tidy and free of any equipment trip hazards. Any location wishing to maximise space and storage will benefit from the Origin Elite Series rig option. As these are able to be tailored to fit the demands of any facility.

The free-weight zone is located at the far end of the room, where students can perform exercises such as the barbell back squat, dumbbell shoulder press, and tricep rope pulldowns at their leisure. The Origin RD2 Rubber Dumbbells, Origin RB2 Rubber Barbells, Origin Multi Adjustable Bench, Origin Performance Series Half Rack, and Origin Rubber Crumb Bumper Plate Set can all be found at Student Roost, York House gym. The gym equipment chosen accommodates every potential training style, thanks to the versatile amount of kit installed.

Student Roost - York House, Elite Series Rig

To ensure the flooring was well protected, Hannah chose the Origin 20mm Premium Tiles. Individual tiles can be replaced if needed, making this a perfect affordable solution for high-volume locations. A suitable choice for a campus with many students living in the same building as the gym, as it absorbs vibration to reduce the noise caused when the equipment falls to the gym floor.

Due to the long length of the room, Student Roost couldn't pass the opportunity to include a sprint track in this facility. Partnered with the Origin High Low Push Sled, the student accommodation facility offers residents something that only top of the range gyms can. Its central location allows for plenty of space for paired and group workouts

Student Roost - York House, Sprint Track Turf

The Result

The end product is a well-equipped and well-designed gym that students can use whenever they choose. Today, students have a multitude of housing selections when it comes to relocating for studying, and a gym has quickly become one of the top must-haves for student housing sites.

The addition of a gym to the York House campus has elevated Student Roost to one of Nottingham's greatest student housing destinations. This property adds value to occupiers' stays and improves their student living experience. This finished gym is a great area for students to do weight training, cardio or stretching in the comfort of their own temporary home.

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