The Shed Health Club

The Shed Health Club

Rachel and Hazel Combe wanted to take a shed in the Scottish countryside and turn it into a thriving, forward-thinking healthclub. So that is what they did. The facility opened it s doors on the 28th of September 2019, and has smashed targets ever since. Here's how Origin Fitness helped them achieve success.

The Goal

The idea was to diversify the countryside by bringing a state-of-the-art fitness facility into a disused, large farming shed. We wanted to create a space that would rival and perhaps even outperform city gyms. Rachel Combe - Founder, The Shed Health Club

LIFT at the shed health club in aberdeenshire

The Outcome

Within the first two weeks, we smashed our month-end target, and within six weeks we reached our half-year goal. Once we realised the traction we had created, we started pulling in people from outside the targeted catchment area. We're even signing up members from leading city gyms, and so far the overall feedback has been truly incredible.

HIIT Cardio equipment at the shed by origin fitness

The Process

I am confident that it is the combination of our equipment and the overall atmosphere of the club that has put us at the forefront of the fitness industry in Scotland. In order to succeed, we had to offer a high-end facility through design and the service we offer and were able to use marketing and branding services from Origin Fitness to get the word out.

Our rural development required a lot of visual experimenting, as we wanted to create an "electric" atmosphere while still holding on to that "rural feel" of the countryside.

Overview shot of the shed

Working with Origin Fitness

Robbie Cuthbert from Origin Fitness took customer service to another level. He was devoted to helping produce an innovative, electric and high-performing state-of-the-art facility, and showed great commitment to "the Shed Health Club's" vision.

From point of contact to delivery, everything was well planned. When Robbie came to the club after equipment delivery and installation, he moved things around again to make the space feel even bigger. It's not often I use the word 'perfect' but our club really is.

A truly heartfelt thank you to all the Origin Fitness team. We can't wait to work with you all again in the very near future.
origin fitness OC5 indoor cycles at the shed health club

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