Sandbags were first developed for the army and used exclusively by elite athletes until the last two decades where they've boomed in popularity. They have become popular among many different workout styles including CrossFit, HIIT boot camps, and functional training styles. Sandbags make it easy to burn fat, build muscle, and strengthen the entire body. The range of exercises that can be completed with sandbags is almost endless. Designed for conditioning and circuit training, sandbags offer a great workout alternative to free weights.

Our range of sandbags are durably designed to withstand the most rigorous of workouts and are built to handle whatever you can throw at them. Perfect for developing all round fitness, they can be used for increasing strength, balance, and endurance by recruiting large muscle groups in the body. Across our range we currently stock sizes ranging from 5kg to 50kg to cover all bases. This can be seen in both our Origin Sandbags and Elite Sandbags which feature handles that make them easier to grip with traditional two hands or with single hands for movements such as farmer walks.

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