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Kayleigh Armstrong is an experienced personal trainer and now owner of Armstrong Health and Fitness – a training studio located near Newcastle. She first got in touch with the Origin Fitness team in April 2016, as she needed support in fitting out a permanent facility where she could train her current clients and broaden her offering for a wider member base. With the support of Origin Fitness, Kayleigh opened her brand-new facility only two months later.



Next to creating a space where her members felt like they could ‘belong’, Kayleigh was looking to expand her offering to include group classes. She felt that this would allow her members to create a community feeling and suppor each other through their individual lifestyle transformations.

Though the majority of her training is Strength and Conditioning based, she was looking to own a gym in which she could offer more training styles to adapt to the demand of her members.

Armstrong Health Fitness Studio


As with any PT Studio, maximising the space available was of upmost importance to Kayleigh. She needed to make sure that her desire to host group sessions didn’t limit the range of equipment available for her tried and tested training methods.

One of the ways this was achieved was by installing a prowler track along one side of the studio. The flooring itself creates an exciting training area while not taking away any of the floor space available to Kayleigh and her members.

The space was also zoned, by pushing the racks along the back wall to create a lifting zone which doesn’t intrude on the functional area of the studio. Lifting accessories are also kept to the back while cardio and functional training accessories are pushed to the sides, leaving the rig as an inviting, open bridge in the centre of the room.

Armstrong Health Fitness Weights


In choosing her equipment, Kayleigh was supported by Sales Manager Ryan Nicholls – who specialises in the creation and expansion of PT studios. Together, they decided on the kit that would best support Kayleigh in offering her training which is based largely around Strength and Conditioning.

The main pieces in the studio are the functional training rig and the Origin Half Rack, both colour matched and accessorised with colourful Origin Rubber Bumper Plates, Origin Power Ropes and resistance bands. The rig has an integrated Dual Adjustable Pulley, Pivot bar and Dip attachment, making sure the space is utilised to its full potential, and allowing many members to use the equipment at once, without interrupting each other’s workouts.


Kayleigh’s gym has been open since June 2016 and has received overwhelming positive feedback. Being able to host her one-to-one training sessions as well as her new group sessions has allowed for a wider variety in memberships, and the community feeling that was created has helped with retention figures.

Ryan Nicholls was a massive help. He helped with design, equipment and the costing as well. I don't think the facility would look as good as it does without the help of Origin Fitness.

Kayleigh Armstrong - Armstrong Health & Fitness

Armstrong Health Fitness Ropes


Anyone who comes in to have a look comments how amazing it looks and how the equipment is like no other in the area. The culture we’ve created is something that is commented on a lot. It is predominantly strength and conditioning we do but with a homely feel. I loved working with Origin Fitness. It was such an easy process getting the equipment; the planning and design aspect helped massively aswell. Being a new owner was scary enough and my experience was made so much easier with the help I received from Ryan. I would 100% recommend Origin to any gym owners!

Kayleigh Armstrong - Armstrong Health & Fitness

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