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How would you integrate modern training trends into established health clubs and community leisure centre?
The team at North Lanarkshire Leisure were able to introduce popular boutique group PT classes by converting an under-utilised space into a new Boutique training studio.

Power NLL

What is POWER?

POWER offers Wishaw members 30-45 minute intense class sessions, built around the small group training model within an immersive, purpose-built studio space. The classes are designed to push each individual's fitness ability whilst training in a fun and creative way.Nichola McLachlan, Health & Fitness Development Manager, NLL

Origin Fitness worked with the personal training team at Wishaw Sports Centre to design the space and make sure it was personalised to both the facility and the members. The objective was to create a unique space that was completely different to the other NLL group fitness spaces.

Incorporating the latest HIIT Cardio equipment such as Draxfit Curved Treadmills, Air Bikes and Aqua Bags allowed a simple yet effective training studio to be created.

Along one wall, we supplied a half-height modular storage rig which maximises floor space and offers quick and easy storage solutions for the functional accessories within the room, including kettlebells, slam balls and boxing gloves.


Power NLL

Due to the success of our studio we will continue to review spaces across all NLL venues, continuing to work with origin in creating fun and exciting group fitness spaces for all NLL members will remain a key focus for us moving forward. This programme has allowed us to enter into a completely new sector of the industry and is proving successful in keeping NLL in line with industry trends.Nichola McLachlan, Health & Fitness Development Manager

Battleropes in the POWER Studio at Wishaw North Lanarkshire Leisure

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