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Shaun Thomas always wanted to be his own boss and in January 2022 his dream became reality. Shaun has served as a General Manager across five gym chains and decided to take the leap and open his own facility. Account Manager Tom Alder, has helped transform an old retail store into a revolutionary facility, Fervid Fitness, in just 10 weeks.

The Objective

To create a brand-new facility with a Fervid spin. Including equipment, flooring and a sauna, the facility would be fully equipped, offering the people of North Wales, a state-of-the-art facility to train and relax.

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Shaun was extremely specific when it came to choosing a supplier; he wanted one company to partner with him and transform the space. The Origin team is proud to offer clients end-to-end gym design solutions, equipment supply, installation, and after-sale support. We were delighted to be chosen to be a part of this project to deliver a truly immersive experience.

Origin Fitness Shaun and Tom

Equipment & Layout

It was clear Shaun did not want to open a traditional commercial gym for members to use, he wanted it to offer more. Tom and Shaun worked closely to develop Fervid Fitness’ offering and overall brand. They worked together to create two additional areas which will be included in future sites: a dedicated Olympic Lifting area and functional training zone.

Fervid Fitness CAD Designs

Flooring plays a vital role in any installation. The Origin 20mm Classic tile was laid throughout the gym floor, suitable for high traffic commercial use. The Olympic Lifting space was reinforced with the Origin High Impact 40mm Fitness Tile, designed specifically for free-weight, strength and conditioning and Olympic lifting zones. Using a variety of flooring in your facility is common and allows you to provide further support to those areas that have a persistent impact on the gym floor when weights are dropped.

Fervid Fitness Free Weight Flooring

Highlights installed throughout the main gym floor included the Origin Hack Squat/Leg Press, Gym Division 1-50kg Hex Rubber Dumbbells , Origin Multi Adjustable Weight Bench, Origin double Sided Barbell Rack and the full impulse R700 range , making it the very first site to have the range in black.

Fervid Fitness Gym Floor

The Olympic Lifting space was ideal for those looking to train with weights individually, undertake classes, personal training sessions and allow for sporting teams to visit to improve their Strength and Conditioning. We installed our top of the range equipment including the Origin Alpha Half Rack, Multi Adjustable Olympic Benches (incline, flat and decline), Origin Rubber Crumb Bumper Plates, Origin 20kg Men’s Olympic Weightlifting bar, Origin Rubber Olympic Weight Plates and the Origin Toast Rack.

Fervid Fitness Free Weights

Among the highlights of the installation was the functional training area, which was complete with a fully bespoke sprint track. Designed specifically to match the high-performing facilities interior style.

By adding the bespoke Performance Series Storage Rack, the room reached its full potential. A perfect way to maximise gym floor space and train at the same time. The ideal solution for group training, our Performance Series can be tailored to meet the needs of each space and combined with attachments to create training zones.

The installation also included the newly released Origin HIIT Storm range. It features a , Air Bike, Rower, and Treadmill. The Storm range is completely self-powered and simple to operate, providing consumers at Fervid Fitness with a straightforward HIIT cardio workout in a new state-of-the-art facility, utilising equipment that meets the quality standards of leading UK manufacturers.

Fervid Fitness Functional Studio - Performance Series

The Origin OC3 Studio cycles were used to establish a specialised cycle studio, which is ideal for spin classes hosted within the gym.

Fervid Fitness Cycle Studio - Origin OC3 Studio Cycles

The Installation

The planned opening timeframe was January 2022. In just three days, Origin completed a full installation at the new state-of-the-art facility. Using our nationwide network of installers to ensure that everything was completed on time. All hands were on deck.

On January 17th, 2022, the goal was fulfilled. When Fervid Fitness opened its doors to the fitness community in North Wales for the first time.

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The Outcome

The result is a stunning open plan, multi-functional gym that allows Shaun and his team to provide members with a unique place to train. Fervid Fitness was installed with the latest equipment we have to offer with plenty room for future expansion and growth.

By partnering with Origin Fitness, Fervid Fitness are confident in pursuing new opportunities for growth; planning a further three facilities along the North Coast of Wales. It was a pleasure to work with Shaun and the team, and we are excited for Fervid and our journey together.

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The Testimonial

I found it easy to build a strong relationship and the sales element felt natural rather than forced. Once we had built a relationship, I had the opportunity to visit the Origin HQ to see for myself the quality of the Origin product range and the size of their operation. When I saw how invested Tom and the Origin team were in developing the Fervid concept alongside me, it became an easy decision to work with Origin and I stopped talking to other providers.

With the help of Origin, we managed to create a concept better than I ever imagined. Not only have we created a traditional gym that those know and love, but we have added two areas that will now be the signature product throughout the new sites. The first is an Olympic lifting area ideal for classes, sports teams, and even educational purposes. The second is the functional training zone with a custom Fervid turf, a custom combat storage rig, HIIT equipment and still plenty of studio space to run functional classes.

- Shaun Thomas, Owner , Fervid Fitness

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