Power Racks

A power rack forms the basis of any strength and conditioning gym floor. They allow for a wide range of exercises to be performed including benching, squatting, and pressing movements during training. Strength training facilities understand a quality power rack forms the basis for safely lifting heavy weights, which is why the equipment chosen needs to be high quality, dependable, and durable. Not only does it need to be able to handle high-weight loads, but it needs to be able to withstand years of use from multiple users. Our range of power racks has been designed to allow you to focus on training.

Each of our power racks offers something different but the quality remains consistent throughout our ranges. All of our power racks have additional accessories allowing you to expand the capabilities of the standard base rack. We use 75mm x 75mm x 3mm or 100mm x 150mm x 3mm box section steel, this ensures quality and durability throughout our power racks. Designed with serious weightlifters in mind, our racks are best for Olympic lifting, Powerlifting, and general weightlifting. In our range, we currently offer three different series of power racks: Alpha, Performance, and Elite.

Our Power Rack Series

Alpha Series Power Rack: The Alpha Series Power Rack is great as a stand-alone product offering great value for the quality offered. It integrates with the POD System of attachments creating even more value and functionality, allowing the rack to suit different needs, whether that be in a home gym or a larger facility.

Elite Series Power Rack: The Origin Elite Series Half Rack offer versatility for smaller spaces. This rack is suitable for commercial gyms or experienced lifters who want to progress their training, to support this additional Elite Series attachments can be purchased to expand the capabilities of the rack.

Performance Series Power Racks: This series is our most advanced offering for strength and conditioning facilities. We have three options including the Half Rack, Power Cage, and Power Rack. These racks can be built to unique specifications with our widest range of attachments and integrate with our larger Freestanding Rig configurations.

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