PeaceFit Gym


PeaceFit Gym

WHO: PeaceFit

WHERE: Wormit, Scotland

TYPE: Independent Gyms


Emma, founder of PeaceFit, has a deep passion for helping people lead healthier, stronger, and happier lives. Married to Ross and being a mother of four children, Emma knows firsthand the challenges of balancing a busy life. It was her dedication to making fitness and wellness accessible to everyone that led her to create PeaceFit. With a background in agriculture and teaching, she discovered her love for coaching, particularly in children's sports, which she has been doing for over two decades.



PeaceFit is situated on the family farm in the serene Fife countryside. The purpose-built facility was designed and constructed by Emma's father and husband. The custom-made shed is fully equipped with Origin Fitness equipment, and has been made into an inviting and welcoming environment for people of all ages and backgrounds.



The durable rubber flooring provides a solid foundation for the CrossFit circuit training classes and the variety of hex rubber dumbbells can accommodate members with various abilities from beginner to advanced. A selection of cast iron kettlebells & sandbags are available for functional training sessions for the whole class. Plenty of bumper plates & bars ensuring that everyone in the class gets to learn the basics of lifting and advances further. No gym is complete without a cardio section, and PeaceFit features a variety of rowing machines, exercise bikes and Origin Storm Ski Trainers .



Through a deep appreciation for community and a strong belief in the CrossFit methodology, Emma and her team at PeaceFit aim to create a space where everyone feels welcome, valued, and encouraged to find their own balance and well-being. The environment built with Origin equipment is a well-rounded gym, that leaves room for creativity when it comes to class training and achieving personal goals.


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