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    Gym Flooring

    Gym Flooring

    Browse our gym flooring products by type or usage environment. Find out what flooring type will best suit your needs in our advice columns or gather inspiration from our previous projects.

Browse by Training Zone

If you already know what type of training you're looking to offer in your gym, you may want to shop for flooring by training zone. Find your ideal flooring product in either our free weight or studio/functional category, or browse our full range of gym flooring.

  • For free weights zones and heavy lifting areas, we would recommend isntalling a heavy-duty solution. Explore our free weight ranges here.

  • Getting the mix of comfort, shock absorption and design perfect can be challenging. Check out our functional and studio ranges for that premium look and professional performance.

  • Browse through all of our flooring products to see the full range we have on offer.

Browse by Flooring Types

If you're going for a specific look, or have a good idea on what type of gym flooring you'll be needing, you'll be able to find your perfect match in one of these categories.

  • Perfect for quick and easy install or gyms that want to keep the freedom to change zones around. Tiles come in various thicknesses and don't all have to be glued down.

  • The easy solution with lots of variety. Rolls provide a smooth finish with minimal joins for a cost effective way to cover large areas.

  • A popular indoor solution, turf tracks bring an exciting new dimension to the gym floors. Available in vibrant colours and customisable to meet your training needs.


Turf, tiles, functional, shock absorption and sub-flooring; if you're not 100% sure what you're looking at yet, why not consult our advice section to help you make the best decision for your gym.

Still not confident? Get one of our experts to help guide you through the decision process. They can even create a 3D visual of your future gym to make sure you're confident about your choices.

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Case Studies

Gather inspiration by browsing our case studies, which are full of ideas on how you could bring your gym flooring to the next level.

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