Calderdale College


Calderdale College Case Study

WHO: Calderdale College

WHERE: Halifax


TYPE: College Gym


Calderdale College sought to enhance the health and wellness of students, staff, and the local community by creating a state-of-the-art fitness centre.

Partnering with Origin Fitness, the college aimed to provide an inclusive space that caters to a diverse group of users, including students, college staff, and members of the public.

The primary challenge was to design a gym that could seamlessly integrate into the college environment offering a variety of equipment that met the needs of anyone using the space.


Tailored Gym Design:

Origin Fitness worked closely with Calderdale College to design a bespoke fitness centre that aligns with the college's vision of promoting health and well-being. The Inspire Centre Gym features a contemporary and welcoming layout, making it an attractive place for students, staff, and the community to engage in physical activity.

Diverse Equipment Range:

Origin Fitness outfitted the gym with a wide range of high-quality equipment catering to various fitness preferences and skill levels. The gym has a range of Origin products including:

Cardio Equipment: We included a variety of cardio machines to help users improve their cardiovascular health including the Concept II SkiErg, Origin Storm Air Bike, Wattbike Nucleus, and Concept II Rowing Machine.

Rigs: Multiple Origin Performance Series Rigs were added to make the space multi-functional and to support a range of training needs. They came with dip handles, pull-up bars, landmine attachments. Plenty of additional storage space was also added such as our Toast Rack for weight plates and flat shelving for accessories.

Free Weights: Having a selection of free weights available makes the gym more versatile for the members. One of the customer favourites was the RD3 Rubber Dumbbell Set which included pairs from 2.5kg up to 50kg, displayed on the sturdy 12 Pair 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack. Cast Iron Kettlebells were also added to the portfolio of equipment on offer.

The setup wouldn’t be complete without a selection of Olympic barbells including the Origin Axle Bar, Origin Hex Bar, Origin 20kg Men’s Olympic Weightlifting Bar, Origin 15kg Olympic Weightlifting Bar, and 10kg EZ Curl Bar. There is a barbell to suit every training need in this gym.

Strength Machines and Accessories: To accommodate a more specialised training routine we selected the Origin Adjustable Pulley and a variety of functional training kit including Origin Slam Balls, Origin Power Bands, and a Gym Division Wooden Multi Sided Plyo Box.


The Inspire Centre Gym at Calderdale College has become a vibrant hub for fitness and well-being. Students, staff, and community members benefit from the diverse range of equipment that can accommodate a variety of group training, specialised exercises and even rehabilitation. The gym supports the college's commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle and provides an excellent environment for physical development and well-being.

The integration of the fitness centre within Calderdale College has significantly enhanced the overall student experience, providing them with the tools and facilities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The variety of equipment ensures that users can tailor their workouts to their individual fitness goals, whether they are focusing on cardio, strength training, or functional fitness.

This is the second project that I have worked on with Origin Fitness, and it was fantastic to work with Matt again on this project. We've used Origin equipment in the gym before, and I'm really happy to now have a full gym kitted out with their equipment. Everything was built and installed within a week, it's been fantastic working with them.

- Andrew Holleyhead, Rugby Development Officer, Calderdale College

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