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University of the West of Scotland - Hamilton International


Over the past ten years, Origin Fitness have supported the University of the West of Scotland in the creation and refurbishment of several of their fitness facilities. When the time came to equip their newest gym at the Hamilton International Campus, Sports Development Manager John McGonigal worked with Origin Fitness once again to create a state-of-the-art fitness facility for students and staff.


The aim for this new gym was to bring a top-quality gym to the students of UWS, in order to promote the importance of health and fitness and enable all students and staff to live an active and well-balanced lifestyle.

In fact, the University is the first in Scotland to offer all enrolled students free access to any fitness facility across their campuses.

Building a gym to support this level of engagement meant offering equipment that would suit all potential users, from experienced gym goers to more nervous first-timers. The space needed to be welcoming and open, while also offering clear zones to allow gym staff to host group training sessions without disturbing other users.

Hamilton Stages BIkes

Equipment and Layout

The new UWS campus created a bright and open space for the gym, the perfect location for members to reach their fitness goals. To help students and staff to reach those goals, Origin Fitness created separate strength, functional training, boxing, cardio and weight lifting zones.

For the cardio space, UWS opted to install award-winning Intenza Fitness machines, a range that perfectly reflects the high standard of the gym UWS now use as a benchmark for across their facilities.

UWS Hamilton International Intenza Fitness Equipment

Cardio Zones

In addition to the gym essentials like upright bikes and treadmills, the university also included the ground-breaking Escalate 550C Stair Climber. Each piece of equipment has its own embedded e2 touchscreen - perfect to satisfy the tech needs of a connected generation.

Not only is this range the perfect choice for the students, but it also supports facility operators through their patented InCare 2.0 system, which notifies the gym's nearest service centre if any errors are reported, meaning less downtime and a smoother experience for operator and user.

To complement the Intenza Fitness range, Origin Fitness created an indoor cycling zone equipped with Stages SC3 Indoor Cycles, the industry's leading performance bikes. Origin also supplied the popular OR1 Origin Rowing Machines, Cybex SPARC and Speedfit Curved treadmills to fulfil the gym's high intensity cardio requirements.

UWS Hamilton International Gym Functional Zone

Functional Zones

Along the far wall, a sprint turf was installed to allow for TANK sprints. The University recognised the importance of a free and creative training space and therefore chose to have a central modular storage rig installed, and filled with a wide range of functional and studio accessories.

The rig and its accompanying boxing bag support arch form the division between the two strength areas: the fixed resistance zone and the free weight lifting space.

Strength Zones

In the fixed resistance zone, Origin Fitness installed the Impulse Exoform Range, which uses bilateral movement and ergonomic designs to facilitate comfortable and precision training for all users. Built-in rep counters and timers make is easier than ever to keep track of a workout, allowing users to focus on their performance and programming.

On the other side of the rig, two Origin Elite Half racks with inlaid wooden platforms create a stylish and effective weight lifting space. Additionally, Origin Fitness supplied Origin UD2 Urethane Dumbbell sets and Coloured Urethane Bumper Plates, alongside technique plates, to further cater to the diverse types of member.

Lifting accessories such as Wooden Jerk Boxes, Benches, Barbell Lifters and Squat Stands among many others were also installed to create a complete zone that leaves no member wanting.

UWS Hamiton Campus Gym Strength Lifting Zone


Our experience of working with Origin has been fantastic. This project had a tight deadline, and Origin Fitness was able to successfully complete the brief in a very short turnaround, advising us on equipment and design along the way.

Our relationship with Jonny and Paul at Origin now spans 10 years, and we are glad to see that the company has grown and improved in a way that keeps us excited to work with them each time. We look forward to remodelling our other campus gyms to the standard that the Hamilton International Campus has now set.

John McGonigal – Sports Development Manager, University of the West of Scotland

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