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Motion Fitness Case Study

Origin Fitness and Motion Fitness started working together in 2016 to bring a completely unique fitness facility to the town of Buckie in the north of Scotland.


For Managing Director Shawn Milne and his team, it was vital to create a facility that was unique in it’s offering as well as it’s looks. The project required a quick turnaround with Origin completing installation within two months of first quotation while still delivering on both value and quality for the venture.

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Design & Equipment

An interior designer from Glasgow was introduced to the project to create a one-of-a-kind look for the facility. Together with account manager Dugald McGregor, they worked on designing a stylish and functional fitness space.

The equipment supplied for this project offers Motion Fitness’s members great flexibility in workout options, from cardio training on top of the range Star Trac eTRx Treadmills, to precision training on the Wattbike Pro and Stages SC3 indoor cycles.

To cater for members with increasingly common strength training goals, Motion Fitness opted for a variety of resistance machines from the Impulse Escalate and IT lines complemented by free weights and power racks from the Origin Fitness range.

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All available choices were discussed with Shawn based on specifications and his objectives for the facility, rather than just brand or pricing. This means that every piece of kit was specifically selected to cater to the demands of the users and allow the staff to offer an unrivalled training experience compared to anything in the area.

Combining Origin Fitness’ gym design expertise with this professional interior design has created a gym environment with an incredibly exciting and professional look and feel as well as a clear definition to each zone within the gym.

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We have received only positive reviews which we are grateful for. We get a lot of comments on how stylish the gym is, how much equipment we have and the variety of equipment we have. And mostly how much ‘better’ the gym is compared to others in the area. We had a really positive experience dealing with Dugald and Hayley. Anyone in a similar position as ourselves I would highly recommend Origin Fitness.

Shawn Milne - Managing Director, Motion Fitness

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After opening such a unique facility in the north of Scotland, it is easy to see why Motion Fitness has experienced such great success ever since their doors opened.

Find out more and book a session with the team via http://www.motion-fitness.co.uk/

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