Matt Kirk-Ellis and his team at Aspire4Fitness aimed to create a welcoming and motivating training environment for anyone who came through their doors. The Nottinghamshire facility worked with James Denniston from Origin Fitness on the project, since opening at the start of November 2018, has received tremendous response.

Aspire Fitness Studio

The Objective

Having worked in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer for many years I felt frustrated with the lack of support offered from large health clubs, leaving members feeling unnoticed and personal trainers working long hours.

My vision was to open a gym which is run by personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts who are passionate and motivated to help members in their journey. Providing a supportive environment which promotes positivity and confidence to both members and trainers.

Matt Kirk-Ellis, Owner and Director Aspire4Fitness

Aspire4Fitness Weight Lifting Racks

Equipment and Layout

The Origin equipment we have purchased for our facility has been cleverly arranged to lend itself to the existing building, we were able to create a layout which utilised all the space whilst still in keeping with my vision for the gym. Being a lover of training myself, as well as having worked in gyms as a personal trainer I had a vision for how I wanted the design and layout of the gym to be to increase its functionality.

Aspire4fitness Cardio Suite

A great feature of the layout is the way we have zoned the gym to showcase the individuality of all of the equipment, this has been incredibly beneficial to us when touring potential members of the gym as each unique piece stands out. As well as this, it will allow us to run boot camps on the gym floor without creating a feeling of overcrowding.

In addition to this, we have been able to position our cardio machines facing into the centre of the gym. This means that members who find their comfort zone is in the cardio area can watch the bootcamps and functional sessions going on, hopefully breaking down any nervous feeling they have towards getting involved.

Aspire4Fitness Cardio uses Impulse Crosstrainer


Our facility is currently open to the public for tours and we have had a fantastic response, everyone who walks through the door is incredibly impressed and we continue to receive fantastic feedback daily. The comments relate to the sophistication of the equipment, the extensive range available, as well as the cleverly thought out design and layout of the gym.

Aspire4Fitness HIITMILL X

About Origin Fitness

Having Origin provide us with all the equipment throughout the gym meant that the process was entirely streamlined. The whole experience, from visiting the showroom in Edinburgh and selecting the equipment I wanted, to then having it delivered and assembled in my facility was incredibly simplified for me.

Our accounts manager James Dennison had extensive knowledge of the equipment and the differences in specifications which was a great asset for us. It went a long way to have someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry from another point of view. He was able to advise me of where equipment should be arranged in line with guidelines, as well as positioning to best suit our needs.

We found the virtual tour of the gym an incredibly valuable tool not only for ourselves but also for the purpose of marketing and advertising the gym ahead of our launch.

I would without a doubt recommend Origin to anyone looking to set up their own gym.

Let us help you design and build your gym.

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