The Aura Hub

The Aura Hub


In 2021, former Marine and boxing fanatic, Joe, designed and opened his first gym located in the heart of Wirksworth. Joe had a vision for how he wanted the space to look and therefore the gym was fully kitted out with Origin Fitness equipment in time for the grand opening.


To create a versatile space that can accommodate a variety of different training needs. With the help of the Origin Account Manager, we implemented the perfect solution to make The Aura Hub a reality. The gym was designed to go above and beyond, offering multiple training solutions to clients. The Aura Hub includes a cardio zone, free weights area, strength zone, functional training area, as well as a weight lifting space and a room for group training.

The Aura Hub Overall Image


Origin provided all the fitness equipment at the Aura Hub, from the flooring to the sprint track to the racks and weight plates. This gave the gym a uniform, fresh and finished feel. Additionally, it made the process smoother for Joe as Origin was his sole point of contact.

With the goal of maintaining variety and maximising space, we installed pieces spanning Cardio, Functional, Strength and Free Weights. The Cardio pieces installed featured our Impulse AC2990 Commercial Treadmill, the Origin Storm Rower, the Origin OC5 Indoor Cycle and the Impulse Hi-Ultra Air Bike. The diversity of cardio equipment, including traditional cardio machines and the increasing popularity of hiit cardio pieces, allowed Aura Hub clients to choose from the right piece of equipment to meet their specific needs.

The Aura Hub - Storm Rower

To meet the growing demand for strength training and the needs of those who are interested in powerlifting and weightlifting, a dedicated free weights and weight lifting zone was installed. The Origin Alpha Half Rack, Origin Rubber Crumb Bumper Plates, Gym Division Hex Rubber Dumbbells, and the Origin Multi Adjustable Weight Bench were among the highlights.

The Aura Hub - Free Weights

A functional workout zone was also introduced to the space. Making it a great area to carry out group sessions and classes. Complete with the customisable Origin Elite Sprint Track, Origin High Low Push Sled, Origin 4ft Leather Punch Bag and Origin Multi Sided Plyo Box.

The Strength Zone. Aura Gym aspired to be a flexible facility that went above and beyond for anyone who came through their doors, therefore this was just as an important zone as others. A 13-piece strength zone was included in the gym, with different pieces of equipment to work different muscles and offer flexible options to everybody training. The Impulse Sterling 45 Leg Press, Impulse Sterling Shoulder Press, and Impulse Sterling Decline Olympic Bench were just a few of the equipment items available.

The Aura Hub - Strength

Finally, it was critical to ensure that the flooring was adequately protected, as flooring tiles not only protect the floor underneath, but also the equipment. The Origin 20mm Premium Floor tiles were chosen to use across the facility within cardio zone, studio spaces, functional training zones, and strength area. In the free weights and weightlifting zone, we chose something a little more specialised. As there is a considerable more amount of weights being dropped in this area, we opted for the Origin 40mm High Impact Tile. This helps to protect the floor and equipment to a far greater extent. Designed specifically for free weight, high impact drop zones and strength and conditioning zones, hence the name “High Impact tile”.

The Aura Hub - Sprint Track Turf

The Outcome

The final outcome is a brand new, fantastic gym with all of the latest training equipment, suitable for all types of gym-goers. Structured and laid out precisely like Joe had envisioned it from the beginning. Aura Hub is fully operational and open to the public, with PTs and trainers on hand to conduct training sessions or inductions as required. The group workout space has been a huge hit with the members and has played an important role in the company's success.

Joe is already thinking about how he might extend the facility and provide more room and equipment to his members in the future. We see a very bright future for Aura Hub, especially now since phase two is now being explored.

The Aura Hub - Lifestyle

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