Martin Home Gym

The Martin Home Gym

In 2021, Abbie and Neil set out to achieve the goal of installing their very own home gym. Supported by Account Executive Matthew, they worked together planning, designing and installing just that. 

The main objective was to maximise their space and ensure it does not restrict training whilst also offering a good range of equipment.  
The Martin’s worked closely with  Matthew to choose the best equipment for the space they had to offer. The installation included equipment from our new Alpha range, suited for home gymsThis gave the Martin family a great quality product at a very good price point.  


The Alpha half rack and accessories offered the Martin’s the perfect solution to perform all key compound movements within a limited space. By adding Gym Division Hex Rubber Dumbbells and functional equipment pieces (Elite Medicine Balls and Multi-Sided Plyo Box) they now have the ability to add more variety to their workouts.  

The main challenge through this installation was the ceiling height as it was on an angled slope. Getting the design right was key as we had to ensure none of the equipment was restricted when being used.


Matthew provided us with great advice when designing our home gym and choosing equipment. From the quality of equipment, design work, pre-sales and installation. Everything was carried out excellently. Origins quality of service has been second to none and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.

Neil Martin

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