MOD Royal Lancers


MOD Royal Lancers

WHO: Royal Lancers

WHERE: Catterick


TYPE: Military

“Mike Scott was brilliant. He engaged with me throughout the whole process. He totally understood what I wanted to achieve and helped massively with product selection”


Origin teamed up with the Royal Lancers to create an exciting, unique training facility in an unused tank hangar.

As an army division, one of the upmost priorities for the Royal Lancers is to provide challenging and result-focused training to keep their unit fit and healthy both physically and mentally. The Royal Lancers Strength & Conditioning unit needed to be big enough to have the capacity of up to 60 soldiers per session, making this surplus tank hangar the perfect location for their gym.



With the brief set, we got to work on creating the space.


To fit the space available and the training required, we designed a Performance Series Rig with eight lifting stations and adjoining pull-up bars that created 15 individual user stations.

The Performance Series Rig provided a fantastic space for solo training or squad workouts. Within the rig, bespoke storage ensured the Urethane Bumper Plates and Olympic Weightlifting Bars were within easy reach for the fast-paced training sessions performed here.


Free Weights and Functional:

The aforementioned Urethane Bumper Plates found within the Performance Series Rig were not the only free weights provided for the Royal Lancers. We delivered our UD3 Dumbells and Urethane Kettlebells with corresponding Storage Racks.


With functional training being a large part of the circuits performed in this gym, Wooden Plyo Boxes, Sandbags, Slam Balls and Wall balls were provided.



High-intensity interval training was the focus when choosing the cardio equipment. DraxFit Curved Treadmills and Concept 2 Rowing Machines were selected to push the soldiers to their limits.

The M1 Tanks are used in conjunction with the in-built red track in the middle of the gym for resistance speed exercises.



Although the choice of the 40mm High Impact Tiles and CAP System ensured the protection of the equipment, this wasn't the only reason why this flooring was picked.


The Royal Lancers have defined the centre of the gym with strips of our red flooring tiles. This is the highlight of the flooring install, as it provided a specific training purpose for the unit to perform speed drills and other conditioning exercises.

The CAP system allows for the flooring design to be changed if needed, making the tiles versatile to suit the needs of the unit.



“Mike Scott was brilliant. He engaged with me throughout the whole process. He totally understood what I wanted to achieve and helped massively with product selection”

See just some of the kit installed:

Origin Sandbags
Origin 40mm High Impact Tile
Origin Urethane Bumper Plates

Thank you Royal Lancers for choosing Origin for this project, it was a pleasure!

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