Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue


Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

WHO: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

WHERE: Greater Manchester

TYPE: Fire and Rescue Service


The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), approached Origin Fitness with a unique challenge - to enhance the fitness facilities across 41 of their stations by installing cutting-edge fitness equipment in each one.

The objective was simple, to provide their firefighters with a variety of gym equipment that could support physical well-being and keep them duty ready. Our contract is for 41 stations, of which we have currently gotten through 20 so far.

The main challenge with this project is ensuring uniformity in equipment quality and functionality across fire stations around the Greater Manchester area, whilst also adapting a range of gym layouts to accommodate station specific spaces.


Agecroft Fire Station: At this fire station, the fitness arsenal now includes a versatile Weighted Gym Ball, an Air Balance Trainer, the Alpha DAP with accompanying attachments, and efficient storage from the Origin Premium 10-Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack.

Broughton Fire Station: This fire station benefits from the addition of the robust Premium Fitness Tile 20mm, complemented by the precision of the Origin 15kg Olympic Weightlifting Bar and the ergonomically designed Origin 10kg EZ Curl Bar.

Stalybridge Fire Station: Stalybridge Fire Station now boasts the state-of-the-art Impulse Encore ES2100, a sophisticated fitness solution designed to meet the unique training requirements of the firefighting professionals stationed there.


1. Site Assessment: :

Origin Fitness conducted a thorough evaluation of each fire station so that each space could receive a tailored fitness solution adapted to their unique space.

2. Equipment Selection:

Collaborative consultations with GMFRS ensured that the selected equipment met the diverse fitness needs of the firefighters. As an example the treadmills selected were equipped with a built-in Chester Fire Fitness Test, this is vital for the firefighters to asses fitness levels.

3. Strength Training Equipment:

For strength training, we provided a set of Origin Rubber Crumb Bumper Plates, Men’s Competition Bar and a Origin Elite Series Half Rack. For more precision training, we added the Alpha Dual Adjustable Pulley with a wide range of different attachments.

4. Installation:

A team of certified technicians meticulously installed the equipment, taking care to adhere to safety standards and ensure equipment will optimally function long after the installation.

5. Training:

Comprehensive training sessions were provided to station staff, covering equipment usage, maintenance, and safety protocols.

6. Benefits:

Firefighters now have access to a variety of specialised equipment, promoting overall fitness, and addressing specific training requirements. The improved gym facilities have contributed to a positive work environment, fostering camaraderie and team spirit. Firefighters are better prepared physically for the demands of their duties, enhancing their overall operational efficiency.

Client Testimonial:

"Overall 20 stations have been fitted out with brand new Origin equipment ..and we are really impressed, and I know the fire fighters are too. It’s so important for their role, it’s crucial for their day-to-day life that they spend time in the gym, working on that functionality by training doing loads of different exercises with the equipment available, so they can go carry out their job and their role with ease."

- Sam Brown, Fitness Adviser for GMFRS


Origin Fitness successfully transformed the GMFRS fire station gyms, ensuring that each location is now fully equipped with high-quality, tailored fitness solutions. This project stands as a testament to Origin Fitness's capability to address diverse client needs while maintaining a commitment to excellence.

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