Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our experience working with emergency services means we know how to install gym equipment in many sites across the UK. Our approach is always consultive, working together based on the unique needs of each site. We work within the chosen budgets to deliver a solution that meets the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders. Years of expertise means that we can create a space which includes free weights, strength equipment, gym flooring, cardio machines and conditioning equipment designed to help users perform the important aspects of their duties.

We’ve been fortunate to help multiple emergency services from the fire brigade to police services. Supporting these sites by installing quality equipment, not only helps to support their lives but enables them to carry out important aspects of their roles daily. Working with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue (GMFRS) we are currently installing equipment in 41 stations and with the Scottish Police Recreation Association (SPRA) we have been helping them modernise many outdated fitness spaces.

Adapting to each unique layout we made sure to create fitness spaces that catered to a wide range of individuals. This challenge required us to be adaptable in creating tailored solutions that would create cutting-edge fitness facilities. Improving this for the emergency services contributes to a positive working environment, fosters camaraderie, and enhances the overall health of staff. With new equipment in these sites, it not only improves team spirit but leads to an increased level of operational efficiency and improves the effectiveness of our services personal. If you wish to see what we can do for your facility, then get in touch with us today by email at [email protected] or call us on 0333 2000 750.

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The Scottish Police Recreation Association (SPRA) sought to enhance the fitness facilities available to the police forces stationed across Scotland. With a commitment to the well-being and fitness of their officers, SPRA aimed to establish modern and comprehensive gym locations across Scotland. We visited two key locations: Ayr and Stonehaven Police Stations.

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Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) approached Origin Fitness with a unique challenge - to enhance the fitness facilities across all of their fire stations by installing cutting-edge fitness equipment. The contract involves 41 stations in total, which are being upgraded in phases with around 20 being completed so far.

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