Dumbbells stand as the most essential bit of gym equipment unmatched in their versatility. Whether you need to isolate different muscle groups or use them for compound exercises, at Origin Fitness you will find a wide range of top-quality dumbbells designed to elevate your training. Whether your fitness journey involves hypertrophy, strength training, or cardio workouts, dumbbells are the go-to choice. We take pride in offering an extensive selection of dumbbells, making us your perfect starting point for acquiring a new set. Explore our diverse range, featuring urethane dumbbells, rubber dumbbells, hex dumbbells, and comprehensive dumbbell sets.

Essential for building strength, growing muscle, or just refining technique, dumbbells cater to a wide range of fitness goals. From targeting specific muscle groups to addressing imbalances, aiding in weight loss, and increasing muscle mass, dumbbells are a fitness enthusiast's best friend. Whether you're creating a home gym or need an entire set for a large facility, we have you covered. Our collection has been created to meet the needs of every fitness level and goal. Dumbbells offer unparalleled exercise variety, allowing you to engage in full-body workouts. Sculpt your arms with hammer curls and overhead tricep extensions, enhance your chest with bench presses, work your shoulders with shoulder presses, or build robust legs with dumbbell Romanian deadlifts.

Types of Dumbbells

All of our dumbbells feature ergonomic handle designs, use high quality materials, and are built with durability in mind. Our equipment is built with lifetime at the forefront meaning the materials used in our dumbbells wont corrode, chip, or flake over years of use. We use only the latest fitness industry knowledge and technology to ensure we can offer you the best gym equipment out on the market today.

Urethane Dumbbells: Our most popular dumbbells, they are the perfect choice if you require a dumbbell that can withstand high levels of use with limited wear and tear. These tend to be popular in busy gyms where they see high levels of use and lots of impacts. Our UD3's are premium dumbbells that feature shock absorbent ability due to a thick urethane layer and have an anti-roll head designed to stop them from moving away mid set when placed on the floor!

Rubber Dumbbells : Our next most popular dumbbell is our RD3's which are constructed from a single piece of rubber that helps them to be withstand heavy use with reduced damage over the course of their lifetime. We find these dumbbells tend to be a popular option with home gyms and personal training studio style gym spaces.

Hex Dumbbells : When it comes to home gyms our Rubber Hex Dumbbells are the winner, if you are just starting out creating a home gym or are simply looking to add a few dumbbells to a current set then these are the choice for you. They still offer great durability, limit noise pollution, and protect flooring from damage.

Dumbbell Sets : Our full sets of dumbbells are a popular choice for both large facility owners and home gyms. If you serious about kitting out a gym, then investing in a dumbbell set is the way to go. We currently offer sets of both urethane and rubber pairs. These are the perfect option if you want to limit the chance of having mismatched dumbbells in your gym and buying them all in one go means you don’t have to keep adding new dumbbells as your strength levels increase.


At Origin Fitness we don’t only stock dumbbells, if you’re looking to add variety to your own space then look at our other ranges of kettlebells, fixed barbells, storage options, and weight benches. If you aren't quite sure which dumbbell is right for you then why not take a read over our in-depth dumbbell buying guide or if you’re not sure on which type is right for you read our guide to cheap vs expensive dumbbells. If you'd prefer to speak with one of team members you can get in touch with them on 0333 2000 750 or email them at [email protected]. We're always happy to help!

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