Boxing Equipment

Boxing equipment is now commonplace in most gyms, while the sport has always been popular it has now become something for the masses to participate in. No longer is it confined to dedicated boxing gyms, it’s now common to find boxing equipment in most modern gyms and elements of it in HIIT workout classes or Boxercise sessions.

While specialist facilities will always be around for those wanting hardcore training, many gyms use boxing equipment when training with members. The sport has a range of health benefits including building endurance, developing agility, and improving overall fitness which is why elements are used in circuit sessions or HIIT classes.

Our boxing equipment has been designed to enhance performance while keeping members protected and safe, limiting injury risk while training. We currently offer a range of boxing gloves and pads alongside accessories such as speed ropes and kick pads. Our boxing equipment gives everyone the tools needed to keep fit, train for that first amateur bout, or train for a professional fight.

If you own a gym, whether it be a large chain or independent studio, our punch bags are a fantastic choice for conditioning exercises adding variety to members' workout routines. Our boxing equipment has been used in sites across the UK, to see how our equipment might look in your site check out our case studies with Westfield Academy, MH PT Stduio, and SPRA.

Our Boxing Equipment

Punch Bags: Our range of boxing bags includes 3ft or 4ft Leather Punch Bags which are perfect for allowing members to practice their boxing technique. We also have a freestanding punch bag and speed balls options so that you can kit out an entire gym with as much boxing equipment as is needed.

Boxing Pads: Having short and long kick pads can add another dimension to training. They’re great for practising uppercuts or body blows, these pads are also popular for MMA and kickboxing as they can be used for throwing kick combos. Our shorter pad is easy to hold in the hands which is great for working on speed with quick jabs whereas the long pad is great for throwing kicks.

Boxing Frames: What use is a boxing bags or speed ball with nowhere to hang it? Our heavy-duty steel frame is durable but easy to move around training facilities making it great for group boxing sessions or circuit training. The frame can hold up to four 50kg bags and is supplied with all fixings making installation quick and easy, allowing training sessions to get underway in no time.

Boxing Gloves: We have different boxing gloves to suit different training needs with Leather Boxing Gloves, Grappling Gloves, and Hook and Jab Pads. Our Leather Boxing Gloves are built for hard sparring sessions with GoDry material that reduces sweat build up whereas our Grappling Gloves are better suited to circuit training with support to protect wrists. The Hook and Jab pads offer lightweight impact resistance through high-density foam which is great for sparring. All three are great options to have on-site to suit a wide range of training needs.


If you want advice on boxing equipment for your facility, contact our team on [email protected] or call us on 0333 2000 750. You can also get in touch through the online chat.

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