Balbirnie Fitness Centre


Balbirnie Fitness Centre

Balbirnie Fitness centre is an independent membership-based facility in Glenrothes, Fife, that has been a long-time customer of Origin Fitness.

Account Manager Matthew O'Connor worked alongside facility owners Caroline and Grant, to create an exclusive dumbbell room within the facility.

Balbirnie Fitness Centre - Dumbbell Room

The Objective

This is one of three large installations that have taken place within the facility in the last few years. Previously having an install for a room full of the Origin Elite Half Racks, as well as cardio pieces such as the Origin Storm Bike. As flooring, the Origin 20mm Classic Floor Tile was chosen in 2021, to protect both the equipment and existing floor. This flooring was also chosen for the most recent installation in the exclusive dumbbell room.

Moving on to the most recent installation, an exclusive dumbbell room. With an aim to provide current users an increased free-weight zone offering, with a more spacious place to train. Installing the Origin Multi Adjustable Weight Bench, Origin Premium 10-Pair Vertical Dumbbell Rack, Origin Premium 10-Pair 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack, and as mentioned previously the Origin 20mm Classic Floor Tile for flooring. A great addition to a gym that already has everything you need.

Balbirnie Fitness Center - Dumbbell Room

The Result

Balbirnie Fitness Centre has an excellent overall performance and is a well-known facility in the community. It's amazing to see how the gym has grown over the years, with the latest equipment installed from the day they began.

Balbirnie Fitness Centre

One of the key reasons they continue to be a returning customer is because they are always pleased with the quality of the equipment that is delivered to them. This as a bonus, has allowed them not to stress about the quality or the longevity of the equipment being purchased and helps to keep their gym uniform.

Balbirnie Fitness Centre

It's a pleasure to work with Balbirnie Fitness Centre year after year, and we can't wait to work with them on future projects.

Balbirnie Fitness Centre

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