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Energym New Malden

While 2020 was a stormy year for many, for the Energym Team it was a year of unimaginable firsts. From launching their 'supergym' in the outskirts of london, to breaking even within weeks. Scroll down to see how we helped them create their amazing new gym.

The Goal

The goal was to open a game-changing facility that would attract anyone and everyone who enjoys working out. We wanted to come away from conventional, dull workout environments and bring a vibe that is far more vibrant and enticing to our audience. Energym

The Outcome

We had opened on the 25th of July 2020 once we were allowed to, post COVID-19 lockdown. We’ve had an amazing turnout and have already broken even post 3 weeks of opening. Members love the environment, lighting and of course the range and quality of the equipment provided. Creating a moody and yet vibrant environment has been key as we’re set to become a hotspot for all gym-goers.

Impulse Cardio Zone at Energym London

What was Installed?

For Energym New Malden, we created a range of bespoke and custom branded pieces of equipment, to complement the unique atmosphere the gym has created. For starters, we created a double-wide, 10m long rig to run along the functional zone and provide ample racking space, as well as a punch bag lane. Monkey bars run along the top of this rig, and the back end provides a raised anchor for climbing ropes and olympic rings.The zone is finished with a bespoke sprint track running beneath the entire rig.

Additionally we also custom branded all of their free weight equipment with the Energym Logo. This level of detail is what sets Energym New Malden apart from the competition.


Functional Zone at Energym New Malden by Origin

The Process

We faced some unique challenges by deciding to a lot of the demolition and building work ourselves, as well as facing the COVID-19 lockdown towards the latter stages of the build.

However, having James Denniston from the Origin Team helping us source the equipment and guiding us through the entire process has been absolutely fantastic. Having someone on our side who knows the in's-and-out's of a gym-build was a great relief to us.

Spin Studio Stages cycles SC3 Indoor Cycling

Working with Origin Fitness

James, as well as the other members from the Origin team (special shout-out to Andy, Lesley and Pete) were instrumental in ensuring everything ran as smoothly as possible throughout the process.

Whenever we had any issues or concerns, James went out of his way to help and rectify these. We are extremely happy to be working with Origin Fitness, and look forward to doing so even more in the near future.Energym

Impule IT95 8 stack station by origin fitness

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