Time Fitness Cupar

Time Fitness Cupar Case Study

From the outside, Time Fitness Cupar looks like an ordinary, local gym. However, this small town establishment has a secret which ensures their success every step of the way.


Time Fitness Cupar was established in 2008 by Paul Bodger and Josh Bicknell (founding directors at Origin Fitness). With a wealth of experience on the operations and equipment supply sides of the fitness industry, they sought to launch a commercially viable new facility that catered for the demands of a small town like Cupar. The facility is now run by a team of four part-time employees and remains a key part of the Origin Fitness family.

Since 2008, the club has grown to near 500 members, an accomplishment of which the Time Fitness team, as well as the Origin Fitness team, are immensely proud. As they are based in a tight-knit community, their clientele spans across all member types, from school-children to young professionals and the older age groups.

Time Fitness Cupar

Design and Equipment

The space in which Time Fitness are based is compact and multi-level. Initially considered a challenge, the final layout of the club has turned in to one of Time Fitness’s strengths. The main entrance and ground floor is dedicated to CV and a range of fixed resistance kit while the mezzanine level is used as a studio space for classes and one-to-one training sessions. The free weight area is housed in the basement, meaning that the other floors are not disturbed when heavy weights are dropped.

The equipment at Time Fitness Cupar is updated more frequently than in any normal gym, thanks to their close association with Origin Fitness. However, most of their kit consists of the Star Trac, Impulse and Origin ranges. These are currently accompanied by Stages bikes, Wattbikes and Speedfit treadmills.

Time Fitness Cupar

Support and Product Testing

Time Fitness Cupar benefits from being both run by Origin Fitness as well as being their product testing facility. Any new ranges, both from Origin Fitness and from other leading manufacturers are run through Time Fitness Cupar to receive real-time feedback from their varied user groups and experienced fitness professionals.

The gym’s members benefit from a steadily changing choice of equipment, and being able to train on top-of-the-range kit in return for feedback on their experience with the equipment. Any feedback on the Origin products is forwarded to the in-house product design team who will use this to constantly improve the range. Feedback on other brands will be used to determine whether the equipment adheres to the company’s high quality standards and whether the product will receive a permanent position within our offering.

Time Fitness also receives service, maintenance, marketing and training support from Origin Fitness. As well as assuring the kit is always in top working order, this means that the staff on site are always up to date on their training and can deliver high quality advice and service to their customers. Any feedback from the marketing campaigns and training courses delivered by Master Trainer Claire Tracey is used to further develop these before they are rolled out to other customers.

Time Fitness Cupar


We have a really unique and close relationship with Origin Fitness. We get the opportunity to try out all the latest equipment ahead of the curve and the members love trying out all the new kit. Through the marketing and campaign support we receive, we really feel like we have bonded even more closely over the years. Any feedback we supply helps Origin to develop and improve their product offering, so it really is a positive relationship. We really feel that we are an extension of the Origin Fitness business.

Judy Cargill, Gym Manager Time Fitness Cupar

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