Boiler Room Fitness Spinning Studio Case Study

With the public demand for specialist boutique fitness studios at an all time high, we were delighted to hear from Michael Hynes, a Spinning® instructor and enthusiast who was considering opening a studio in Glasgow under the name of Boiler Room Fitness.

Michael’s passion for Spinning made this project an incredibly enjoyable one for the Origin Fitness team to work on. He completely understood the Spinning brand and was already completely set on choosing the Spinning brand, programme and equipment before we even met.

Boiler Room Fitness Spinning Studio

The Objective - Finding the Best Location

The first hurdle the project came up against was the fact that Michael had not yet secured a venue for Boiler Room Fitness. Luckily, one of Origin Fitness' existing clients (Western Health and Racquets Club) was about to complete a facility development project which included the extension of their main building to accommodate an additional studio space. A partnership was formed and Boiler Room Fitness soon had a home. After the installation of some stunning interior features and 21 Spinner NXT Black Belt Bikes, Michael’s project was up and running.

Boiler Room Fitness Spinning Studio

The BlackBelt’s unique Poly-V belt drive system combined with the classic NXT design makes this Star Trac bike perfect for the spin studio environment. The belt drive system means these bikes are much quieter than their traditional chain driven counterparts while the strong Kevlar belt means you avoid any compromise on performance.


From the initial voicemail message left with one of the Directors at Origin Fitness of "Hello, my name is Michael Hynes and I'm going to open a Spinning Studio in Glasgow, can you call me back please" with then the first words response of "Hi this is Origin Fitness, you are onto a winner!!", Origin Fitness were always behind my idea and concept and were always there for advice and guidance when I needed it. Their interest in my project spurred me on and gave me more confidence to fulfill my idea. Their introductions into the industry were invaluable and inevitably led to a superb location.

Now complete and the Studio open, I am really impressed with Origin Fitness' professionalism and drive to help me make this project work. Also their follow up to make sure everything is all ok and I'm happy, again very professional... I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Origin Fitness.

Michael Hynes, Owner at Boiler Room Fitness

Boiler Room Fitness Spinning Studio


The atmosphere at Boiler Room Fitness is a fun and welcoming one, that encourages the inclusion of participants at all levels of fitness. From beginners to skilled athletes, both start at the same place and successfully complete the Spinning® workout together. Classes are tailored to introduce beginners as well as increased intensity classes for the more experienced individuals.

Pay Michael and his team a visit in Glasgow’s West End by booking a class online here; We promise you’ll not be disappointed.

Boiler Room Fitness Spinning Studio

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