Curved Treadmills

A curved treadmill is a non-motorised self-powered cardio machine offering something different from standard treadmills. The design of these treadmills ensures an intense workout, that doesn't require electricity and allows for a wide range of training options unique to this style of treadmill.

Running on this type of self-powered treadmill can take a bit of getting used to as the curved design allows you to naturally run on the balls of your feet. This motion creates momentum that turns the treadmill belt and runners using this treadmill find that they recruit more muscles compared to traditional heel strikes.

This is a versatile piece of cardiovascular equipment that has many applications including speed training, sprint training, increasing aerobic fitness levels, and can also be great in some rehabilitation instances. A more in-depth discussion on curved treadmills can be found in our full curved treadmill guide.

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