Running is a great way to keep active and fit that requires almost no equipment to get started. As with most activities spent outside, weather can be an issue if you aren't based in a sunny location. This is why many runners choose to have a treadmill in there house and go for a high-quality running machine that allows them to run all year round. As the foundation of most cardiovascular training these bits of gym equipment are popular in both commercial gym and home gym environments.

Modern treadmills come with a variety of features enabling you to perform a variety of different running styles and training options from incline hill walking up to more advanced HIIT style training regimes. The right treadmill is a great way of improving cardiovascular conditioning, loosing weight, burning calories, and improving overall health. Whether rehabilitating with an injury or a seasoned runner training for the next marathon we have a range of treadmills to suit everyone’s needs.

Types of treadmill

Folding Treadmill : If you are thinking of purchasing a treadmill for home use, a folding treadmill might be right for you. These are perfect for when space is limited or if it is going to be used in a dual space such as a home office. Our Origin Alpha Treadmill is one of the best in the market that includes 40 programs ensuring an optimal cardio workout with a folding design to make floor space counts.

Curved Treadmills : These treadmills are designed to offer a more optimum running experience that requires greater demand on the body as you use momentum to propel the treadmill deck forward. A good option is the DaxFit+ Curved Treadmill which is designed for effortless movement by promoting running on the balls of your feet which reduces joint impact, improves performance, and has a zero maintenance requirement belt system. Our Origin Storm Curved Treadmill is another great option that offers improved impact absorption and features 4 resistance levels with multiple training programs.

Commercial Treadmills : Depending on your needs such as working in larger commercial facilities or if you simply want to access more features then these type of treadmills may be more suitable, but they do tend to come with a higher price tag than the other versions. As an example the Impulse RT950 Treadmill is an advanced running machine that features an impressive 18.5” Touch Screen Display with virtual scenery, is Wi-Fi enabled, has TV/Music connectivity, and a 3 speed fan. If you're looking for a premium treadmill option then these types will be your best bet.

Benefits of using a treadmill

  • Train any time of day
  • Train regardless of weather conditions outside
  • Reduce joint impact compared to harder surfaces such as concrete
  • Interactive training: Touch screen displays on certain models can gamify the running experience to keep you motivated
  • Increase overall fitness levels
  • Myriad of heath benefits including increased lung capacity, increased calorie burn, and reduced stress levels

Considerations before buying a treadmill

Available Space: Ensure there is enough room in the place you plan to put the treadmill as there is nothing worse than it arriving and not fitting properly in your desired space. In addition, give yourself enough room to get on and off the treadmill whilst also making sure an appropriate power socket is nearby.

Cushioning Capability: Make sure the treadmill you're purchasing has appropriate cushioning as this will ensure joints are well protected which can decrease injury risk. Having good levels of cushioning across each impact zone on the deck provides maximum comfort, stability and support when running to allow you to maximise training.

Incline and Speed Options: If you are only going to purchase your treadmill for light use or walking then a basic model is all you may need. If you are looking for greater variety consider looking into an option which offers more incline range of -15% with top speeds of at least 25km/h (15 mph).

Features and Programmes: Another aspect to consider is how the treadmill would integrate with your current setup. If you're a serious runner or athlete, certain treadmill have a range of built in programmes and apps which improve the running experience but also offer a more intense and varied workout programme.


If you’re looking for something different why not take a look at our range of other cardio equipment including Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines, Cross Trainers, and Stair Climbers . If you need a bit more advice why not take a look at our various blogs including our Treadmill Buying Guide, Curved Treadmills: Why You Should Use One, and Not Another Cardio Machine. If you can't find the answers you are looking for, our team is always happy to help! Get in touch with them at [email protected] or call us on 0333 2000 750.

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