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PedalHouse is indoor cycling re-invented with electrifying energy, inspirational instructors and an all round fantastic atmosphere. The philosophy at Edinburgh’s newest indoor cycling studio is simple. Hugh, Nicky and Seona, the owners of PedalHouse aim to create a place where individuals of any fitness level can come together to ride, challenge themselves and improve their fitness. On their website the offering is clear ‘At PedalHouse indoor cycling is our passion. A challenging workout for all abilities, our inspirational instructors will make you fitter, stronger and energised. If you are just starting your journey or have been riding for years – here we all ride together’.

This straight up approach to indoor cycling is reflected in the design of the new PedalHouse facility. They have created a simple but stylish studio environment that can accommodate up to 30 riders for either 45 minute sessions or longer specialist rides.

PedalHouse Studio

While many studios these days opt for inspirational wall imagery featuring, a grand tour peloton or picturesque alpine climbs that transport riders minds away from the studio, the stripped back interior of PedalHouse does the opposite. It focuses riders on the moment, the music and instructors with the “here we ride together” branding on the walls reminding them they are part of a team. The sound quality and lighting in the studio has been perfectly adjusted to give riders an immersive and engaging experience. However, in our opinion, the studio’s most exciting feature is of course the new Star Trac Spinner NXT BlackBelt bikes.

PedalHouse Studio Spin

The BlackBelt’s unique Poly-V belt drive system combined with the classic NXT design makes this Star Trac bike perfect for the spin studio environment. The belt drive system means these bikes are much quieter than their traditional chain driven counterparts while the strong Kevlar belt means you avoid any compromise on performance.


We fell in love with the NXT Black Belt bikes as soon as we tried them out. In a studio with 30 bikes, having a belt drive system that’s virtually silent is a breath of fresh air. You can hear the instructor and music much more clearly without a constant grinding of the chain. Even without this, the NXT bikes are fantastic to ride. They’re easy to adjust for users of all abilities and the Spinning computers we installed are great for teaching using RPM.

Origin Fitness were great to work with throughout the project because both Josh and Dugald really understood how important it was for us to get the right bikes. We will definitely work with Origin Fitness again and would absolutely recommend them to others.

Hugh McInnes, Co-Owner, PedalHouse Spinning Studio.

PedalHouse Studio Classes

Why not pay Hugh, Nicky and Seona a visit next time you're in Edinburgh? You can book a class online here: www.pedalhousedinburgh.com.

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