Gymbo's Sawston

Gymbo's Sawston Case Study

Gymbo’s Sawston, launched in January of 2017, is located in an industrial estate just south of Cambridge. This being the second fitness venture owner James Rivers has embarked on, he knew exactly what he wanted to achieve and worked with Origin Fitness to complete this vision.


James had secured a large warehouse space for his new facility, and wanted to create an open plan training area, without it appearing empty. The available mezzanine area would be used for cardio equipment while the entire ground floor would accommodate strength training zones, made up of a rig, free weight station and power racks.

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The main design objective was to get the functional training rig exactly right. James worked with Account Manager Matt Leadbitter through several rough drafts of the rig before deciding on a dual rig with a walk way in the middle. This rig now accommodates group workouts as well as one-to-one guided sessions. At the end of the rigs, integrated bespoke storage platforms offer a clutter-free space for any accessories used during the workouts to be collected and returned without hassle.

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Apart from the functional training rigs, Origin Fitness supplied Gymbo’s with all of its CV equipment which included SpeedFit Curved Treadmills, Concept 2 Rowers and SkiErgs, Origin OC3 Indoor Cycles and Cybex SPARCs.

Downstairs, the lifting area was completely fitted our with Origin RB2 Rubber Barbells, Origin Multi Adjustable Benches and Origin UD2 Urethane Dumbbell sets and racks.

The weight lifting and free weights area is sectioned off by a blue sprint turf track with bespoke line markings to fit the facility. Three Origin Performance Racks, each equipped with its own plates and bar, are lined up against a wall, providing a distraction free heavy lifting zone. The whole gym floor has been reinforced by varying thicknesses of specialised fitness flooring, for safety as well as for zoning purposes. The main gym floor has been designed with custom line markings to complete James' vision.


The gym now certainly looks like the well finished, open plan fitness facility James was looking to create. The atmosphere created by the simple yet visually imposing functional rig combined with the white, clean walls and high ceilings resembles something of a place of cross training worship. The feature wall along the top level brings the whole room to life and creates and exciting environment for those working on their cardio on the mezzanine level.

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When first embarking on this project, I could not have predicted the huge role Origin Fitness ended up playing in the completion of my facility. Unlike some of their other customers, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to achieve, and Matt took time to listen to this and worked with me to make this vision a reality.
Origin Fitness provided all the equipment at a very competitive price, and I am very pleased with the work they have done. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to set up a new facility.

James Rivers - Owner Gymbo's Sawston

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Having worked with James in the past, but only supplying bits and bobs, to this year kitting out the majority of the facility is a real testimony to how closely we work with the customer. Having a customer like James who knows exactly what he wants can really speeds things up when it comes to getting certain aspects of the project signed off, especially when on a deadline. It has been a pleasure working with James and watching his gym become every bit as exiting as he envisioned it all along.

Matt Leadbitter - Account Manager Origin Fitness

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