Origin Fitness is delighted to announce we have partnered with the undisputed world leaders in weightlifting and powerlifting, Eleiko. Origin will now be supplying their equipment in the UK and Ireland.

Our product strategy at Origin Fitness is to offer the best fitness equipment for all of our customers at any level. Due to an increased demand for premium quality, competition accredited weightlifting and powerlifting equipment we have chosen to partner with Eleiko, who are world-renowned for their exceptional manufacturing.

Eleiko products will sit within our product portfolio as our only choice for IWF Weightlifting, IPF and IPC Powerlifting approved equipment. When our customers demand the best we always aim to provide a solution which will meet and exceed their expectations. For many of our clients operating in specialist sectors, we know the Eleiko brand will be a well-received addition to our range.


About Eleiko

  • Eleiko is distinctly certified by the governing bodies of three strength sports.
  • Since becoming certified by the IWF in 1969, Eleiko has equipped more than 40 World Championships, as well as several hundred continental and regional Championships and Games.
  • Eleiko enjoys the distinction of being the sole VIP supplier for IPF World Championships since 2009.
  • Eleiko partners with World Para Powerlifting (then IPC) in 2005 to become the brand of choice in powerlifting for Paralympics sports.


Precision and Performance When It Counts

Eleiko is the only brand certified by the IWF, IPF and World Para Powerlifting simultaneously. Certified by the IWF in 1969, they earned a reputation for developing the industry's finest quality equipment through our exceptional design, functionality and performance. We have enjoyed being the sole supplier to the IPF since 2009 providing athletes with equipment specifically designed for powerlifting such as stiffer bars with a sharper uncoated grip and thin discs ideal for heavy loads.

Building the World's Best Bars

Pure, strong, flexible, ultra clean green Swedish steel lays the foundation for Eleiko bars. Design excellence, continual innovation and the sought after "Eleiko feeling" sets the range apart from other manufacturers. A commitment to quality and craftsmanship is at the heart of everything the company does and their products are built to last, which is why you'll find Eleiko equipment in daily use decades after it's been delivered.

Eleiko Products

Origin Fitness will be adding Eleiko's IPF Powerlifting range and Para Powerlifting bars/plates to our product portfolio. Alongside this, we will offer the full range of IWF competition and training bars and plates to customers in the UK and Ireland.

Get in touch with us via sales@originfitness.com to discuss how Eleiko products might be the perfect fit for your facility.