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Hyrox Gym Design Guide

Hyrox Gym Design Guide

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll be well aware of the Hyrox hype that's been happening over the last few years. This trend looks set to continue growing in the coming years with plans for the races to reach 170 events by 2027. While fitness can have its fads and trends, the events themselves look set to stay as a staple in the community like CrossFit. 

If your gym hasn't gotten involved with the Hyrox Hype just yet, you might be wondering how to get involved this year. Stick with us as today we're going to answer many of your questions including what is Hyrox, how to train members for Hyrox, types of Hyrox classes to offer, Hyrox equipment, and ultimately how to create a Hyrox gym. 



Table of Contents

What is Hyrox

Hyrox Training: What does it take?

Hyrox Equipment: What Do You Need?

Hyrox Gym Design: Creating a Hyrox Space




What Is Hyrox?

Hyrox was developed in Germany in 2017 and has since grown from strength to strength exploding into cities around the world. Founded by Christian Toetzke (Hyrox CEO) and Moritz Furste (Olympic Athlete), they created one of the largest mass participation events in the world. 

Growing to over 90,000 athletes in the 22/23 season alone, the races are a unique approach to fitness. The concept is simple: a fitness race with eight workout stations with plenty of running, where the aim is to finish in your best time. Stations include the SkiErg, Sled Pull, Sled Push, Burpee Broad Jumps, Rowing, Farmer Carrys, Sandbag Lunges, and Wall Ball Throws.



Races are started across the day of the event in 10-minute interval waves across different divisions. Multiple categories will be racing at the same time spreading the field across the day, this means someone taking three hours could technically finish at the same time as one of the Pro or Elite 15 series athletes doing it in one hour. 

One of the big appeals of Hyrox is that anyone can enter as events are designed to make everyone feel included no matter the level of fitness. This is where it differs from things like CrossFit as events follow a consistent exercise format each time making it simpler to train for and removing the fear of failure, as no one comes in last place in the Open Competitions. 

Two of our own team members Declan and Jenna recently competed at Hyrox Glasgow in the Doubles category finishing with a brilliant time of 1:18:04. This was a brilliant effort which is a testament to the hard work and training we saw them putting in each week leading up to the event at our head office gym. Well done guys! 



Hyrox Training: What Does It Take? 

Helping members or clients train for Hyrox doesn't need to be difficult, we've seen a few different concepts work really well in the gyms we work with. While many members now train for the actual Hyrox event, there is still a large cohort that won't be. Many gyms are now putting on classes or inspired sessions based on different parts of the race. 


Group Classes 

Not everyone aims to compete or even attend a Hyrox event, some simply enjoy attending a functional-based Hyrox class to mix up their training. Take LIFT Gyms as an example, with their motto "elite is for everyone", they create a positive welcoming culture for anyone who enters the gym and wants to learn about functional training for Hyrox.  

As the largest Hyrox-affiliated gym in Edinburgh, they help clients learn the fundamental moves, pacing strategies, and tactics needed to develop their all-around fitness. Sessions have a high pace, but accessible move list, but at the heart of these classes, they strive to make Hyrox work for everyone. 



Hyrox Competitions

Taking a different approach 1VIGOR runs their very own Hyrox competitions. This is a great way to create awareness of the gym in the area, is a fun way to engage members, create friendly competition, and can be a source of revenue if the event is open to non-gym members as they do. Hosting these events has proven to be a popular choice with events selling out in no time. 

Running these types of events may involve more moving parts than a regular class, but as 1VIGOR found out there was an appetite for them. Hyrox events only happen in select cities worldwide, meaning there are limited chances to run the full race outside these events for competitors. With the success of their first event, they are planning to host more events this year. 



Individual Training Sessions

Members may ask for Hyrox training advice specific to their circumstances, which may require a more tailored approach plan. While we can't cover all bases there are some key principles that you should advise members about whether they are training for their first Hyrox event or are a seasoned pro. 

Building towards an event training should consist of a 6-12 week period with a focus on nutrition, recovery, and not overdoing training. 50% of the event involves running, so it's essential to make sure their endurance levels are also up to scratch. Make sure they practice the stations after running, as doing these fresh compared to following a 4km run is a very different experience.

Lastly, movements like burpee broad jumps have specific form so it's essential to review that members are doing these movements correctly so they are not penalised during the race. If you want a more detailed approach read over the official Hyrox guidelines or check out this more detailed training guide



Hyrox Equipment: What Do You Need?

Already own a gym? Then it will be fairly simple to run these sessions. If you are looking to run a Hyrox gym then there are nine pieces of equipment that you're going to need:


Equipment Needed To Run a Hyrox Session

Station Equipment Weight/Resistance  Equipment Cost  Body Part Targeted Explanation
Running Machine (1km between stations) Bodyweight  £1,800 - £3,500 Cardiovascular System

If your gym has enough space to allow people to run outside that's great, but a treadmill is a great alternative. Any treadmill will suffice but we recommend a curved treadmill as it more closely replicates the running experience.

Members can also easily set their own pace, it stops them from wasting time messing with buttons, and helps them to keep up their pace between stations. This mimics the experience of going from station to station right after running as they'll do during the event.  

SkiErg (1000m) Ergometer Damper 5 - 7 £890 Upper Body, Shoulders, Arms

Next up you're going to want a quality SkiErg. The first station encountered requires a tough 1000m stint with the ergometer dampers set between 5 - 7. Utilising lots of muscles this one targets the upper body, shoulders, and arms. 

Sled Push (4 x 12.5m)  102kg, 152kg, 152kg, 202kg  £399 Legs, Lower Body

After the second run, this station requires a 50m sled push, the sled weight will vary between 102kg for women to 202kg for the men's pro group. To help members replicate this movement you'll want a good quality prowler sled and bumper plates.

Sled Pull (4 x 12.5m)  78kg, 103kg, 103kg, 153kg  £399 (Sled) + £138 (Rope)  Legs, Lower Body, Arms, Back

Coming off the third run, you'll now do an inverse of the last station taking turns pulling the sled over 50m. The weight requirements for this are 78kg for women up to 153kg in the men's pro. 

Burpee Broad Jump (80m) Bodyweight £0  Whole Body

Following the fourth run, you'd think the stations might get easier but things start ramping up. One of the tougher exercises, it doesn't require equipment, but does have a specific technique. This is one that clients will need help with to not get penalised during the event as it is performed under a decent amount of fatigue at this point in the race. 

Rowing Machine (1000m)  Ergometer Damper 5 - 7  £899 Legs, Arms, Cardiovascular System

Arriving at the rowing machine marks the start of the second half of the Hyrox event. Like the start of the event, this station will require a 1000m row with the ergometer dampers set between 5 - 7. 

Kettlebell Farmer Carry (200m) 2 x 16kg, 2 x 24kg, 2 x 24kg, 2 x 32kg  £1,318 Grip Strength, Shoulder Stability

After the sixth run it's time for one of the easier stations. This one requires a 200m farmer's carry with two kettlebells that weigh 16kg in the women's division up to 32kg in the men's pro. Replicating this exercise you can use kettlebells, dumbbells, or farmer handles. Each item will help to dial in grip strength and shoulder muscles.

Sandbag Lunges (100m) 10kg, 20kg, 20kg, 30kg   £390 

Glutes, Legs, Lower Body

As we head for home the intensity rises again after the seventh run. If the legs weren't hurting enough the penultimate station will finish them off. It requires a 100m lunge with a 10-30kg sandbag on the back. Normally not too bad, but doing it after 7km of running will push you to the end. A strong focus is put on the glutes and lower body leg muscles. 

Wall Balls (75/100 Reps)  4kg, 6kg, 6kg, 9kg £250 Shoulders, Legs, Core, Triceps

Arriving at the final station with the finish line in-site members will be tasked with doing 75/100 wall balls using either 4kg, 6kg, or 9kg balls. Once completed, cross over the finish line and congratulate yourself on finishing the Hyrox race! 

Additional Equipment
Rig  N/A  £1,400 - £6,200 N/A 

If a Hyrox setup is new to your gym you'll want to ensure there is a solid base for performing different movements. The Origin Wall Mounted Bay 2.0 could provide a solid starting point and can be expanded further with the additional attachment range. The POD 1.0 or POD 2.0 could also be a good upgrade if you require a solution that provides adequate storage space. 

Wall Ball Targets  N/A  £198 N/A 

If you already have a rig setup, then you may only need a few wall ball targets. If you plan to run larger classes then we advise using markings on the wall as targets and wall ball-specific targets to give everyone enough space during sessions. 

Storage Space N/A  £700 - £3,200 N/A 

Storage needs will vary from gym to gym but we have a range of storage options to suit any space from our smaller Hinged Storage Cage which is perfect for accessories to our Elite Storage Rig which is more suited to larger spaces.

Weight Plates 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg  Varied N/A 

Versatile for use outside of Hyrox training, quality weight plates are required to help members train for the Sled Pull and Push stations.  


Hyrox Gym Design: Creating a Hyrox Space

So now you know what Hyrox is, what it involves, and how to help members train for the event, the next question is probably what to do with your space. It doesn't matter whether you're opening your first gym or are looking to expand a current layout there are many options you can take, so let us walk you through how we would approach designing a Hyrox gym with you: 



1) Initial Discussions 

At this early stage, we will discuss the vision and goals for the space. Whether this is our first time working together or one of many sites, we take the same care and attention to your needs each time. There can be a lot to consider at this point in the process which is why chatting with our team is always the starting point to understand your exact needs. 

If the space is new you may need a lot of equipment to kit out the gym, for the most part though, we find Hyrox is being offered as an additional class alongside the regular schedule in functional-style gyms. This means you most likely will already have some equipment available helping to reduce costs. 

When looking at the space we'll ask a lot of questions such as what the current equipment needs might be, other types of sessions you're planning to run, what the equipment layout should be, and if the space needs revamping. Cost-wise it's important to factor in flooring and layout changes if the space needs to be adapted as well as additional costs like being Hyrox affiliated if you want to run licensed classes. 

It may be a case that after chatting with you all that's required is a few pieces of equipment to give your members the full Hyrox experience in your space. At this stage, we can also chat about our commercial financing and leasing options as if you're planning to purchase large equipment outright it could prove to be an expensive endeavour without the right support. 



2) Create Designs 

After discussing the vision for the space we will start the design process taking a collaborative approach with our in-house product team. Working closely with the sales team and based on our initial discussions, our in-house team will create full renders and 3D model designs so that you can see your vision brought to life.

We use the latest Autodesk Inventor Professional Software, which allows us to take your concept from an idea into a reality like the space shown below. Creating spaces this way allows you to visualise the concept before we go any further and it allows room for any changes or tweaks to occur so we get things right before a single piece of equipment has even been delivered on site. 



3) Consultive Approach 

As part of our approach to be the best to work with, our teams across the business work together seamlessly to ensure that all aspects of your design and delivery go smoothly. Whether it's service, orders, or the warehouse team picking the equipment, we want you to have the best experience if you choose Origin Fitness for your gym design.  

We feel a personal touch is a key difference when working with Origin, it is our people that make the difference.  This is one of the reasons why we will invite you to visit our HQ to see our showroom and warehouse in Edinburgh as we think it's important that you get the chance to see equipment in person before you purchase. 



4) Delivery

Once the final design and equipment needs have been agreed upon, our service, installations, and logistical teams will come into action. After the order has been signed off, our team will be in touch to keep you updated throughout this part of the process. First, our installation and orders teams will organise delivery dates and chat through any questions you might have.

Once a date is agreed upon, orders are sent to be picked up by our warehouse team ready for delivery. Using one of our trusted courier services you can expect items to be delivered within 48 - 72 hours of ordering unless a different date has been scheduled. If this is a larger order requiring equipment installation we aim to have our engineers on site the same day as delivery to build equipment and get things in working order. 



5) Service and Support 

At this point, your Hyrox gym should be ready to go and you can celebrate the new pieces of equipment you have. The job is not finished from our side yet as now the post-installation support will begin. Our sales and service teams will be in touch to make sure everything is running smoothly with the new kit.

If you're unhappy, a problem occurs, or you have a query you want answered, we're only a call away from being back on-site to resolve any problem. Our team of engineers boast a 95% first-time fix rate and 48-hour call-out meaning no matter where you are in the UK, you will never go more than two days without someone on site with a fault reported. 

Our engineers work in partnership with an extensive range of engineers on behalf of the brands we supply so we can offer expert support. In addition, we stock parts for the current and two generations of the machines we sell in our warehouse to enable us to fulfil any warranty claims without delay. 

Finally, we always advise carrying out regular maintenance on your equipment as this is a surefire way of minimising injury risk and loss of revenue. We can provide Care Service and Cover Warranty packages designed to protect you against unforeseen costs and out-of-order equipment. Get in touch with our service department for more information about these. 




Hyrox is a trend that is set to stay with its inclusive appeal and limitless age range entry point, it means almost anyone can get involved. This gives the sport massive potential to continue growing globally, and we can only imagine that more people will be involved as awareness of the sport grows in the years to come. 

We hope that this blog post was insightful and has you feeling prepared for the next steps in developing a Hyrox space in your gym. If you want to chat about anything discussed today or simply want to see what we can do for your space then get in touch with us today at [email protected] or on 0333 2000 750. We look forward to hearing from you! 



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