The difference between executing a successful or unsuccessful social media marketing campaign is often in the finer details. Every gym or fitness business these days knows how to create a summer social media campaign, but the great businesses know how to ensure they have an impact and deliver results.

After the success of our first Social Media Workshop with digital consultant Neil Maclean (also founder of the SFN expo), we can't wait to have him back to work with you all again.


Date | Thursday 22nd March 2018

Venue | Origin Fitness, Edinburgh

What will be covered?

  • To begin with we'll look a number of great examples of social campaigns and will discuss what makes them successful. What lessons can we learn from these to apply to our own businesses?
  • With summer approaching we'll take you through a step-by-step guide on how to plan and prepare a great social media campaign for your business over this period.
  • Using Facebook's advertiser tools, we will create detailed and highly targeted audiences to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  • We'll also discuss how to monitor, adapt, improve and evaluate the campaigns you've run. What metrics best give you an understanding of success? How do you work out what's gone well and what's not worked?
  • In this workshop, Neil will also look at best practices you should follow to maximise the impact of your organic Instagram content.

Who should attend?

In short, anyone who is motivated to grow a fitness business using social media. You don't need to be a social media guru to attend! This could mean;

  • Gym Owners and Facility Managers
  • Business Development and Membership Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers and Social Media Execs
  • Personal Trainers and Coaches

How it works?

  • This will be a practical workshop, not a lecture. Neil works with attendees taking them through a tried and tested methodology for creating great social campaigns.
  • You'll work through real examples using your own social advertising and business manager accounts.
  • At the end of the day, you'll have built campaigns and adverts customised to your audience, your facility/business and your goals - all ready for you to roll out.

What to bring

  • A Laptop or Macbook (remember a charger...)
  • Some knowledge and insights about your own facility and business objectives
  • Access to a Facebook adverts account - we will not spend a penny, just create dummy adverts and use their tools for researching the local area.
  • A bit of enthusiasm and energy!

Tickets on-sale via Eventbrite.