Edinburgh Leisure Training Support

Origin Fitness worked recently worked with the team from Edinburgh Leisure to roll out a staff training programme focussed on improving technical skills in different areas of weight lifting.


For a leading operator like Edinburgh Leisure it is important that fitness staff have up to date industry and training knowledge so they can provide their customers with the best possible service. Identifying where they need to upskill staff is an essential part of this process.

To ensure Edinburgh Leisure’s staff training enabled them to address customer wants/needs in line with industry trends, Origin Fitness had an initial consultation to identify areas where we could assist and what format this might take.

With the growing popularity of weight training in recent years, Edinburgh Leisure wanted to make sure they are providing the best knowledge and service in this area. As well as improving staff knowledge, they have the longer term goal of introducing weight training classes in their facilities.

Training Provision


For the client, the structure of the courses was a key factor in developing a course programme to best suit their needs. It was decided that rather than one intensive course for all staff, we would achieve maximum impact by delivering shorter half day courses to smaller groups. These courses were spread out across a couple of months allowing their staff time to go away and try the new skills they had been introduced to. Upon returning to the next session they could give feedback, review their success and address any issues they may need help with.


The four sessions covered the following topics:

Session 1

This first session covered the ‘Main Lifts’ (squat, bench press and deadlift) looking specifically at technique, exercise variations and their applications (for example high bar vs low bar). This session also covers an introduction to the Olympic lifts (Clean & Jerk and the Snatch).

Session 2

After having the chance to practice the skills learned in week one, the next session covered ‘Accessory Lifts’ the breakdowns and variations of the main lifts. Staff looked at how and why to programme each of them and how to support the lifts and individual.

Session 3

The third session focussed on needs analysis, warm ups, cool downs and group training. It looked at; how to test/monitor and why? How to structure efficient warm ups and cool downs. Another area looked at was how to programme group weights sessions, the considerations in programming for large numbers and varying levels of ability.

Session 4

The final session recapped the learning to date, and introduced programming considerations for special populations including youths and the elderly. The module looked how sport specific training compares to that of general population as well how to use in-depth programming, yearly plans, meso and micro cycles effectively.


I met with Claire to discuss the training I was looking for to help the team develop lifting programmes for a variety of abilities and ages. She was very open to any suggestion and went away to develop the training. Claire delivered a mixture of theory and practical sessions over the following months, reviewing and advancing each time.
The team really developed their techniques and knowledge and by the end of the process, were confident enough to introduce lifting sessions into our Gym Based Activity Programme which was the aim of the training. Claire’s delivery was professional, covered all the areas required and most of all, fun.

Ross Collins - Gym Co-ordinator
The course has been really enjoyable. Claire delivered great content to ensure that the basics are covered for everyone and I liked the fact there was multiple sessions to recap and allow for time to go away and practice/ share information with the gym team that was not in attendance.

Ally Strachan - Gym Supervisor & Personal Trainer

We were presented with great detail on technique of each lift and given a wide variety of coaching points to help us understand the technique being described. Claire was very clear and created two way engagement with the group. She used her experience well and backed up her the teaching with practical demonstrations.

Martin Bailey – Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer

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