Total Fitness - Whitefield

Total Fitness - Whitefield


Introducing Total Fitness, Whitefield. Installed in Winter 2021, it houses many different pieces of equipment. From customised Elite Rigs to the Origin Storm Series. This gym has it all..

Total Fitness - Elite Storage Rig

The Goal

Refurbishing and reinventing the club's space was the aim. This included brand new layout designs, flooring, fitness equipment, and a functional zone. To expand the Total Fitness offering Origin was responsible for putting the new designs and concepts into action.

Total Fitness - Whitefield - Origin Storm Air Bike

The Highlights

Combining four Origin Power Cages with Origin Platforms and Origin Rubber Crumb Bumpers, the lifting zone was one of the biggest transformations. Giving the entire area a warm and inviting atmosphere and making it a fantastic spot to train alone or with other athletes.

The reinvented space downstairs has truly helped bring this gym to life and give its members even more than they already had. The old family area has been completely changed into its own functional zone. It is really perfect for members who want to train in groups or who want a different type of workout.

Total Fitness - Whitefield, Power Cages

A bespoke Elite Storage Rig with two half racks, a bridge, and storage is featured in the functional zone. The layout now includes a CV section next to functional with the Origin Storm Air Bikes for your ultimate HIIT workout. A terrific place to do full-body workouts and push your cardiovascular fitness to new heights!

Total Fitness - Elite Storage Rigs

Working with Total Fitness

Working with some of Total Fitness' biggest names was a dream come true, and it was fairly easy. To assist bring the concept and vision to life within the facility, I collaborated with Graeme Dick, Gavin Dixon, and Steve Virtue. On completion, we had some very chuffed customers.

Since the installation, there has been a lot of positive feedback. The club's usage has increased with the new functional area at the heart of the club.

- Wes Carter, Account Manager, Origin Fitness

Total Fitness, Wes Carter

The Testimonial

We worked alongside Wes and the team at Origin throughout the project. In addition to revitalising the main gym floor with platforms and racks, Wes designed a bespoke rig which gave the lower gym area some purpose and identity. This area has now become a popular training area for a wide range of members from families to fitness fanatics. The communication from the team at Origin was excellent throughout.

- Graeme Dick, Head of Facilities, Total Fitness

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