Bowfield Hotel Case Study

The Bowfield Hotel offers up one of Scotland's premium hotel gyms, located in the Howwood neighbourhood near Glasgow, Scotland, and just ten minutes drive from Glasgow Airport.

Bowfield hotel gym

Objectives - Transforming Space

Origin Fitness was asked to completely transform the fitness suite from the beginning of the project, and worked closely with the hotel gym team to focus on making it a real showcase. Only the very best gym equipment available was proposed, combined with sophisticated layout planning, through to inspiring design and branding.

Origin Fitness specialise in providing a complete bespoke gym design service, and this was certainly required at the Bowfield Hotel. We started with a comprehensive assessment of the project requirements, and calling on the various areas of expertise within the company, we provided an individually tailored proposal.

Bowfield hotel gym

Gym Design and Planning

Effective and successful gyms will place their equipment into zones. Depending on specific customers, business goals and sectors, the balance of zones, in regards to size, shape and equipment, will vary. For example, commercial gyms need a fine balance between the main zones - Cardio, Free Weights, Fixed Resistance and Functional / Stretch, and a central area for booking.

Bowfield hotel gym

Gym flooring too, is critical, and picking the right flooring depends on what type of equipment the facility is planning to install, and what it will be used for.

Different areas of the Bowfield gym required different styles and thickness's of flooring to get the most out of the equipment and ensure that the zoning was communicated as effectively as possible.

Bowfield hotel gym

We took careful consideration of how the equipment would be positioned and the nature of each zone. As a result the different zones now evoke different atmospheres while keeping continuity throughout the entire gym.

Fitness Equipment Installed

The main range within Bowfield is the leading American brand Star Trac. The gym has 30 stations and one the best functional rooms we have been involved with. The Star Trac strength ranges selected include our premium Inspiration range, HumanSport, Max Rack and Impact, with finishes and colour schemes selected to maximise the Country Club's look and feel.

Bowfield hotel gym

The cardio zone was another key area, and we installed the premium Star Trac Touchscreen fitness equipment which included treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical, eSpinner and Concept 2 rowers and a top of the range Spinning studio. With inspiring views out over the grounds of the hotel a key consideration, we ensured that the flow of the gym worked in such a way that users exercising had the full countryside just metres from the machinery.

Bowfield hotel gym

The functional and free weights area is comprised of kettlebells, medicine balls, rebounders, suspension training and dumbbells, along with a section for gym balls and more gentle exercising. Dramatic art and colour-coding helps centralise key subsections, and again the wonderful views out over the hills were crucial.

Outcome and End Result

Everyone we've spoken to about the Bowfield Hotel's new gym only has positive things to say about it - it's sophisticated, complete and enticing, with great equipment, class-leading layout and design and customer satisfaction at an all time high. People are talking about the suite in increasingly wider circles.

Bowfield hotel gym

We talked at length with the Bowfield Hotel management team, providing as much assistance and expertise as possible. The end result is the Bowfield Hotel now has one of the leading hotel gyms in Scotland.

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