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Highlife Highland Aviemore

WHO: Highlife Highland with Account Manager Archie Mackay

WHERE: Aviemore, Scotland

TYPE: Local Authorities and Trusts


Highlife Highland Aviemore, a community-owned leisure centre in the Scottish Highlands, was looking to upgrade its fitness facilities to meet the growing needs of its members. The existing equipment was limited, and the gym needed a new layout.

Highlife Highland


Highlife Highland Aviemore partnered with Origin Fitness to design and install a new fitness facility. Origin Fitness worked closely with the centre team to understand their specific needs and requirements, and developed a customised solution that would create a diverse and engaging fitness environment for all members.

Highlife Highland


The new fitness facility at Highlife Highland Aviemore is a stunning transformation. The space is now open and airy, with plenty of room for members to move around and train comfortably. The equipment is top-of-the-line, and includes a full Performance Rig System, with Split Leg Squat Attachment, Multi-Grip Pull Up Bar, and Flat Shelf for the Functional Accessories & Free Weights.

Highlife Highland

The impact of the new fitness facility has been immediate and positive. Member engagement and satisfaction have increased significantly, and the centre has seen a surge in new memberships. The new space has also created a stronger sense of community within the gym, as members of all ages and abilities come together to train and achieve their fitness goals.

"We are delighted with the new fitness facility at Highlife Highland Aviemore. Origin Fitness exceeded our expectations in every way. The design process was collaborative and efficient, and the installation was completed on time and to budget. The equipment is top-notch, and the new space has been a huge hit with our members. We have seen a significant increase in member engagement and satisfaction since the new facility opened, and we are confident that it will continue to support our mission of providing accessible and affordable leisure and fitness opportunities for the Aviemore community."

- Fraser Tulloch - Facilities Manager


The transformation of the fitness facility at Highlife Highland Aviemore is a testament to the power of partnership and collaboration. By working closely with Origin Fitness, Highlife Highland Aviemore was able to create a state-of-the-art fitness facility that meets the needs of its members and enhances the overall community.

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