Newbattle Community Campus

Having successfully worked with Origin Fitness in the past, Stephen Foster decided to work with the team once again in the exciting development of Midlothian Councils Newbattle Community Campus project.

  • NEwbattle overview 1
  • Newbattle Strength Training zone and weightlifting rack
  • Functional Training Accessory closeup
  • Newbattle Functional Training Rig with Boxing Bag
  • Newbattle Concept 2 Rowers
  • Newbattle Cardio View

A Busy Space

Building a gym for a local community centre brings its own unique set of challenges. For example. this gym shares its building with a library, meaning noise levels need to be controlled while still being able to cater to high volumes of members at peak times. On top of this, Midlothian promotes an active lifestyle for everyone, meaning the gym should be accessible for members of all sizes, ages and skill levels. This was all taken into consideration upon the design and supply of the equipment that makes this gym space.

Midlothian Newbattle site Cardio Zone 1

As there was plenty of space to work with in the Newbattle gym, Origin Fitness applied a zoned approach, creating clear sections for cardio, strength and functional training using strategic equipment placement and various fitness flooring solutions.

To minimise the noise of free weight and functional training, these zones were placed against the back of the rooms, furthest removed from the entrance and Cardio zones. These areas were also covered in Origin Fitness Premium 20mm fitness tiles to protect the subfloor and reduce noise even further.

Midlothian Newbattle new Strength Zone

Along one wall a row of StarTrac 8 Series Cardio machines looks out from the floor-to-ceiling windows on to the adjacent football pitch. In addition to this premium Star Trac range, Origin Fitness also installed Concept2 Rowers, Wattbikes and Cybex Arc Trainers to offer members a complete training experience.

The members of the new Newbattle Community Campus will not be found waiting around when it comes to strength equipment. With a dozen different fixed resistance machines and a large set of free weight accessories, including Origin RD2 Rubber Dumbbells up to 40kg, this gym offers everything a strength training enthusiast might look for.

The gym is completed by a large functional training zone, with at its centre a large Origin Functional Training Rig. This structure offers suspension training, boxing, storage and a rebounder, perfect for group sessions or PT led workouts with a twist.

Additionally, a range of Origin functional accessories stored either on the rack or to the side of the room offer users an immense variety in weight, movement and flexibility training. Oversized numbers and bold colours make each piece easily identifiable for ease of use.

Origin Fitness Functional Training Rig at Midlothian Newbattle Community Campus


The end result is a spacious but easily navigated gym space, with equipment to suit the wide variety of members that walk through the doors of Newbattle Community Campus on a daily basis. The council can now offer their local community the latest in equipment and training styles within a safe and stylish environment.

Midlothian Newbattle Fixed Resistance Human Sport Equipment and StarTrac Cardio Equipment


Since the facility opened in late May 2018, the feedback has been excellent. The facility is new, airy and has a great range of quality cardiovascular, resistance, free weight and functional equipment on offer. The ‘wow’ factor we were looking for has truly been achieved.

Working in a new-build has enabled us to put in the latest equipment, including a functional rig which has been a huge success. We have doubled our membership from the previous centres, which is a massive achievement.

The Account Manager was very patient and understanding of what I was looking to create, and he was able to draw on previous projects to help me get to my target. I will be using Origin Fitness again and would highly recommend their equipment and services.

Stephen Foster – Tone Zone Manager, Newbattle Community Campus

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