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Tryst Sports Centre was the first of 18 sites to be refurbished by Origin Fitness back in 2013. Five years on, the gym was ready for another refresher and with the help of Origin Fitness, they opened their doors to the exciting new gym facilies in June 2018.

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North Lanarkshire Leisure's Tryst Leisure Centre is a health and leisure hub that welcomes members with interests in all disciplines. The gym within this centre needed a visual and physical update in order to keep up with modern training trends, and to make the space look welcoming to all members.

Using their longstanding account manager Dugald MacGregor's industry knowledge, they designed a new layout taylored around the specific requirements of the local community.

Trust Functional Zone

Functional Zone

The highlight of the new gym is the functional training zone, placed against the back of the room and clearly defined by the TANK track running along the length of it, as well as the LED strip lights and Modular Storage Rig hosting a large range of accessories.

Adjacent to the rig, Origin Fitness created a HIIT cardio zone with enough equipment to offer members the chance to take part in group circuit training sessions. The end result is a space that offers members the opportunity to complete a full body training session within this one zone, but change it up every single time through the huge variety in equipment.

Tryst Freeweight Zone

Free Weight Zone

The old cardio zone has made way for an extensive range of freeweight accessories and fixed resistance strength training equipment. Tryst opted to install Origin UD2 Urethane Dumbbells from 1kg up to 60kg, Multi Adjustable Benches and Impulse Strength machines from the Sterling Plate Loaded and Exoform Fixed Resistance Ranges, alongside other strength accessories.

The entire zone was layered in Origin 40mm High Impact Flooring tiles for a flawless finish and protection, both for the subfloor, the equipment and a reduction of noise for floors below.

Tryst Lifting Zone


The lifting space maintained its purpose but received an overhaul as well, now boasting space saving inlaid platforms, the same high-impact flooring tiles and Origin Elite Half Racks, complete with Origin Coloured Urethane Bumper Plates for a colourful performance zone.

To complete the Elite vibe, all the lifting bars come from Origin Fitness's Competition Weightlifting range, ensuring both men and women have the right tools to lift safely and effectively.

Cardio Zone

Another highlight of the new gym is the rows of Hi-Tech Intenza Fitness machines, including the Intenza Escalate stepclimber. By including this product range, Tryst doesn't just enable members to easily cast their phone on to the screen while exercising, it also offers North Lanarkshire Leisure peace of mind because of the ranges smart features like InCare. You can find out more about the Intenza Range here.

In addition to the Intenza range, Origin Fitness also supplied industry favourites like Cybex Sparks, Concept 2 Rowers, Wattbikes and a group of Stages SC3 Indoor Cycling bikes that make up the new Indoor Cycling Studio at Tryst.

tryst Cardio Zone


My experience working with Origin Fitness is very positive; there is always an element of flexibility from the beginning of the process right up until install, meaning that changes can be made throughout to create the best possible end result. I find that Origin really listens to us as a customer, taking on all staff feedback in creating a clear vision of what we are looking to achieve. This relationship is key to us as a customer as having guidance on a variety of products allows us to both stay on top of industry trends and future proof our facilities .

Nichola McLachlan - NL Leisure

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