Stirling County Rugby Football Club

In order to bring the advantages of modern training to the teams at Stirling County RFC, Academy Manager Stewart Milne worked with Origin Fitness to create a professional Strength and Conditioning facility on the training grounds.


We had some changing rooms with a set of weights and a bench in it, but we realised it was time for an upgrade. The new facility needed to accomodate premiership players as well as younger squad members, and have enough space to train an entire team at once.

Stewart Milne - Academy Manager, Stirling County RFC

Stirling RFC

Design & Equipment

By having racks and weights on one side of the hall, and a functional floor space on the other side, we can set up a really effective training circuit for an entire team at once. In the centre we have a sprint track which we use for prowler sprints and space for battle rope slams.

Stirling RFC

Having the racks along the wall means we can build the strength programmes for all our athletes, from the youngest teams, through women's teams all the way to our premiership squads. We now have plenty of weights, bars, accessories and general strength equipment to support the athletes through their entire career from the very start.

We are now finding that, as the teams become acquainted with the space and the equipment, they are starting to support and motivate eachother in a way we could not have imagined in our previous training space.

Maria Ommo-Dalziel - Strength and Conditioning Coach, Stirling County RFC

Stirling RFC


Following the install, we've seen an increase in motivation and enthusiasm for exercise in general in almost all our athletes. However, the most impressive change has been their performance on the field.

From our youngest players all the way to our premiership players, they have commented on their increased speed, agility and strength. We've been amazed by the impact the training facility has had on the club as a whole.

Stirling RFC

Working with Harry, who has a strong background in sport performance facilities, made us feel comfortable because we immediately realised he knew his stuff. However, every single member of the Origin Fitness team has made us feel important, and have gone above and beyond to create the space as it exists today- from the order fulfillment team to the engineers during the install. We would highly recommend Origin Fitness.

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