Weight Benches

Weight benches offer support for all gym goers, allows you to target different muscle groups and helps with posture and technique. Training with a weight bench is growing in popularity as people have noticed the versatility of exercises that benches add to training routines. They are ideal for beginners, injured individuals and frequent gym goers!

Weight benches are commonly used alongside dumbbells and other free weights to perform exercises such as dumbbell press, bent over rows and shoulder press. Free weight training improves coordination and can also be used to focus on and rectify muscle imbalances. It’s also great for performing isolation exercises to target specific muscle groups.

Weight benches can also be taken into a power rack to use in combination with a rack and a barbell. You can perform exercises such as seated barbell presses.

Adjustable benches can help you target multiple muscle groups by just adjusting the seat of the bench into different positions. For example, you can perform dumbbell chest press and multiple different angles to target differing areas of the chest.

Flat benches are great for any basic dumbbell exercise and are good for any supine exercises where the user is either laying flat on the bench face up or down.

Olympic Benches are commonly used with a barbell as there is space to hold a barbell. They are widely used in powerlifting competition settings for the bench press. Olympic benches allow you to load the bar with more weight. Some include safety features for solo training.

Our specialist benches tend to be for targeting smaller and more specific muscle groups, for example Ab Benches, Calf Raises and Preacher Curls.

Our Studio benches are perfect for group classes. Our Fitbox bench comes with dumbbell and accessory storage so that individuals can have all they need for their workout at one handy station.

If you need further assistance in choosing the right weight bench for your needs, you can consult our Weight Plate Buying Guide or contact our team on [email protected] or 0333 2000 750 and we will be happy to help!

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