Vision and Values

Our Vision

To be the UK's best commercial fitness equipment supplier. To be the best to work for, the best to work with, and to be better every day.

Vision and Values


Our Mission

To build lasting relationships by offering the best customer service and the best range of products. All of this will be supported by the passion, dedication and knowledge of our team.


Our Values

To achieve all of this, the Origin Fitness team are committed to our company values. These influence our day-to-day, dictate the decisions we make and shape who we are as a business.


Personal Best

We aim to show integrity, transparency, and do the best we can in any given situation. We approach a project in a creative, enthusiastic manner and strive for an exceptional outcome, every time.

Be Accountable

We take responsibility for our own actions and are committed and persistent in pursuit of our goals. In order to grow, we actively promote the learning of new skills so we can improve on a daily basis.


We work together to achieve the best solutions for our customers. Sharing knowledge and inspiring others is vital in this. We respect and understand everyone's role in achieving our vision.


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