Speed Balls and Platforms

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  • Origin Speed Ball

    The Origin Speed Ball is the ideal boxing training tool for developing punching speed, timing, accuracy and coordination. It's an essential for any boxing gym but is also a great tool for the combat zones within more mainstream facilities.

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  • BoxMaster
    The BoxMaster® is a new form of boxing style conditioning that will wow your clients. With the ability to cater to all types of members, the BoxMaster will excite and encourage greater participation in boxing style fitness training.

    Starting at: £513.98 ex-VAT £616.78 inc-VAT

  • Origin 4 Station Boxing Frame (inc Speedball Platform)

    This heavy-duty steel frame allows a group of four to conveniently perform boxing circuits. The free-standing frame requires no additional fixings so it’s easy to move around your training facility. Manufactured in the UK to withstand even the toughest of treatment in professional surroundings. Complete with an epoxy powder coated finish for extreme durability. A choice of frame colours is available.

    £1,192.50 ex-VAT £1,431.00 inc-VAT
The actions of hitting the speed ball will help improve your reaction time, help keep your hands up, Improve the ability to hit and move (training your brain to do two actions at once) benefit your Eye-Hand coordination and footwork, your rhythm and timing and increase your hand speed, punching power and last but not least your fitness.