Renegade Fitness + Performance Case Study

When Colin and Brad went into business with their Renegade Fitness + Performance facility, the goal was simple; to create a facility that offered users something different. Both had a strong coaching background in the sport and fitness industry but with the Renegade project they set out to build a gym that would give them the freedom to train clients the way they wanted to using methods they knew provided results.

Gym Design and Planning

The strong focus on functional training has definitely played a role in shaping the type of gym Renegade is, however Colin explained to us that adaptability and not being tied in to one specific brand or school of training is key to their success, especially in dealing with a client base with such diverse needs. While the gym’s core programming mainly consists of their signature functional training classes (a fast paced, fun, bootcamp-meets-circuits session) the team are now catering for a large number of open gym and one-to-one sessions as well as expanding the class offering to include boxing.

The many different types of training planned for Renegade meant that during the design stage, Colin and Brad wanted both a flexible and open space as well as an extensive selection of equipment. The Solid Athletix functional training rig provides a huge amount of flexibility in terms of usage while being wall mounted minimises the floor space it takes up.

Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment

Some of the most popular pieces of equipment installed at Renegade, certainly with the coaches (perhaps less so with members), are kettlebells, suspension training systems and power bands. All of these tools are relatively simple but particularly versatile and can provide a huge bank of exercises for coaches to draw upon in their sessions.

On top of this, items like the Concept2 rower and Star Trac Turbo Trainer have brought some interesting new cardio training options to the relatively small gym floor. With strength and free weight training playing part in what Renegade offers, the Origin Fitness bars and weight plates that Origin Fitness provided are certainly well used.

To ensure that both users and expensive pieces of equipment are protected from harm, Origin Fitness installed gym floor tiles, broken up by an artificial turf track which is perfect for shuttle runs and dragging prowlers and sleds around the gym.


Our experience with Origin Fitness has been really positive. When we started out looking at setting this up, we had a massive list of equipment. We quickly realised we needed to be smarter with the space we had available, so we worked closely with Dugald Macgregor who came down to have a look at the facility, gave us some advice and did some drawings of what the gym would look like with some of the key equipment which was very good in helping us visualise what the space would look like.

The selection of kit was fantastic when we went through to Origin Fitness head office to look at some of the flooring options and demo some of the kit. We were given honest advice about the equipment and how we could make it meet our budget.

Bradley Hay, Co-Owner, Renegade Fitness + Performance.


Since opening, the gym’s membership has grown steadily and become more diverse. As well as individuals making use of the expert personal training and participating in the regular functional training and boxing classes, there is now a growing contingent of elite sports teams and athletes looking for a more specialist, tailored service than is available at the more mainstream facilities in the area.

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