G2G Coaching Ltd Case Study

In 2016, the team from G2G Coaching Ltd decided it was time to reinvent their personal training business. With the help of Origin Fitness, they transformed a listed building with heavy building regulations into a lifting haven in the centre of Edinburgh.


After years of gathering experience in personal training, G2G Coaching made the decision to move to a group coaching model for their business. To achieve this, their new space would have to cater for groups of 10-12 people training together and lifting heavy weights

The aim was to move their clients in to the group model without losing the ability to deliver individualised coaching and catering to the unique preferences of each member.

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Design & Equipment

It was important to ensure there would always be access to squats racks, barbells, floor space, and that the design allowed for the dropping of weights when necessary. Rather than filling the space with equipment, Origin pushed the largest pieces of equipment such as the Origin Half Racks and the Origin Dual Adjustable Pulley to the sides of the room, clearing the centre for functional, bodyweight and free weight exercises.

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The racks, plates, benches and bars supplied by Origin Fitness all cater to the heavy usage requirements of the G2G Coaching gym. The modern design of the Origin RB2 Rubber Dumbbell sets and Origin Urethane Bumper Plates complement the performance atmosphere, and keep the space looking tidy and professional.

As the building is shared with other businesses, noise levels were a major concern for G2G Coaching. To combat this, Origin supplied a specialist 80mm high impact tile solution in one area of the facility and 40mm tiles in the rest which helps absorb the impact of any dropped weights.


Since opening in March 2017, the G2G Coaching Team have received tremendous feedback from their clients as well as from other coaches. Not only is the space perfectly suited to train groups and individuals, it is, in many ways a weight training focused space with a more inviting atmosphere than the traditional hardcore lifters gym.

The layout of the gym, initially restricted heavily by the Edinburgh Council’s strict building regulations and the limited space available, was structured in a way which catered to their original concept and did not compromise their standards.

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Origin Fitness were great at providing solutions to many of the issues we had, including flooring. Their equipment is of a high standard and quality and the staff had great product information. I had a lot of questions regarding the equipment and he was able to answer everything with ease.
We had been in contact with other companies prior to using Origin Fitness, and had been disappointed by their lack of knowledge of their products. I would therefore recommend Origin Fitness.

Aidan Donnelly - Director of Strength & Performance, G2G Coaching Ltd

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Having worked with Aidan and the other G2G coaches in the past for smaller orders, we were delighted to find that they came to us for support with this refurbishment. We are confident that the facility is now perfectly equipped for them to offer their clients all the support they require.

Dugald MacGregor - Account Manager Origin Fitness

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