Polaris Fitness Studio Case Study

From his exciting new facility in London, David Shapiro is setting out to redefine personal training studios as we know it by focusing on a unique personalised life transformation process through exercise and nutrition for the body.

Using the latest generation of exercise machines in a one-on-one setting to optimise the effort, full-body diagnosis equipment to quantify the results and bespoke weekly nutrition planning, David and his team aim to re-focus and re-energize their client’s attitudes towards training under their expert guidance.

Polaris Fitness Studio


David told us, “From the start, we were looking to create an environment where people can come in and receive the special service they had in their minds. We wanted to create an experience like no other. A place where we build a community and family all with one main objection: Our health and wellness.”

Polaris Fitness Studio

Gym Design

The use of space which David has gone for at the Polaris studio is ideal for the types of training he and his team will be delivering during one-to-one sessions.

Polaris Fitness Studio

Choosing the Right Gym Equipment

For cardiovascular training, Origin Fitness provided a WaterRower and two Impulse PS300 Indoor Cycles. These are great cardio tools, which are extremely effective when they’re incorporated into PT sessions. Treadmills and cross trainers are fine, but for circuits and intervals like David’s team will be taking clients through, the indoor cycles and rowers, in our opinion let you really increase the intensity.

Polaris Fitness Studio

Along with this, Polaris has been kitted out with a selection of Origin Fitness dumbbells and free weights. To complement the weights, Origin Fitness provided a half power rack and weights benches as well as a dumbbell storage rack.

Polaris Fitness Studio

The rest of the equipment supplied was functional training equipment from the Origin range that included items such as sandbags, kettlebells and medicine balls. All of these are absolute favourites in any personal trainers toolkit, so will no doubt be well utilised with clients.


The most successful part of working with Origin Fitness, was the way they took my vision for the space and what I wanted my business to do, and created exactly what I wanted. Origin Fitness offered great advice and fast replies to all my questions whether over the phone or email. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to open a studio or gym. Their knowledge of their equipment was top class. Any question I had, from dimensions to materials, was answered with accuracy and without hesitation.

David Shapiro, Owner, Polaris Fitness.

Find out more at www.polarisfitness.co.uk

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