Ross Stewart Fitness & Nutrition Case Study

Ross Stewart Fitness Case Study

Early 2015 saw Glasgow based Ross Stewart team-up with Origin Fitness as he prepared to open his first gym.

Having been impressed with the standard of a previous install at Future Fitness Glasgow he felt confident that we could deliver the complete solution.

The commercial gym that I used to work in was kitted out fully by Origin Fitness and I always found that the gear was fantastic so it was an easy decision for me when I opened my own facility to contact Jonny and ask him to kit out the place for me.

Ross Stewart, Owner, RSF.

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Ross Stewart Fitness Case Study

Ross Stewart Fitness and Nutrition (RSF) is a unique facility in central Glasgow as it incorporates an extremely well equipped strength and conditioning gym as well as a fully equipped functional training space. The RSF team has a thorough understanding of how to tailor exercise programmes and their goal-orientated approach to training creates a supportive and motivational environment for anyone wanting to get in shape either on a 1-to-1 basis or in a group as part of their Fit Fast Bootcamp.

Ross Stewart Fitness Case Study


The objectives were quite simple; to create an environment and a community where people feel safe, comfortable and secure enough to work towards their health and fitness goals.

Ross Stewart Fitness Case Study

Gym Design & Layout

In terms of equipment, the layout allows the RSF team to train people both 1-to-1, in small groups and in larger groups pretty much all at the same time.

Ross Stewart Fitness Case Study


The most successful part of working with Origin Fitness, was the way they took my vision for the space and what I wanted my business to do, and created exactly what I wanted. Origin Fitness offered great advice and fast replies to all my questions whether over the phone or email. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to open a studio or gym. Their knowledge of their equipment was top class. Any question I had, from dimensions to materials, was answered with accuracy and without hesitation.

Ross Stewart, Owner, Ross Stewart Fitness.
Ross Stewart Fitness Case Study

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