Science Fitness Case Study

Kevin Alvarado launched his Oxford based personal training studio Science Fitness in 2012. Following years of steady growth, he reached out to Origin Fitness to find out how they could work together to bring the studio to the next level.

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In early 2017, Kevin started working with Origin Fitness Account Manager Matthew Griffiths to determine how the existing studio could be transformed. Kevin knew he wanted it to cater to small group classes and offer exclusive memberships, alongside his core personal training provision.

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As part of the Origin Fitness design process, Kevin was provided 3D templates of the potential design and layout of his facility.

During this process, Matthew and the Origin Fitness internal design team supported Kevin by supplying colour scheme and branding suggestions, which were taken on board and implemented by Kevin independently.

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It was vital to clear as much floor space as possible to cater for small group classes and multiple PT sessions to run simultaneously. This was achieved by installing a wall mounted performance rig, with includes several bespoke storage solutions. Running the rig along one wall of the room now allows Kevin to keep his space organised, while stocking a great variety of strength and functional accessories.

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Kevin had existing equipment which was kept and integrated in to the new rig storage sections. Small accessories such as technique plates, multi-sided plyo boxes and boxing equipment were brought in from the Origin Fitness range to expand and diversify his existing offering.

Origin Fitness also supplied a DAP to include a fixed resistance training station, alongside a selection of HIIT cardio equipment including a Concept2 rowing machine and an Assault Air Bike.

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Since the reshuffle, Kevin’s existing members have commented on the great look and feel of the studio. The studio has become more appealing and now supports Kevin’s business in all the ways he envisioned, resulting in a more open and varied offering for his clients.

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Origin Fitness do a lot to make sure everything is how the customer wants it to be. They deliver quality products, quality service, and care.

I also loved the design work and the response times. Matthew Griffiths and I spent a long time making sure it all looked perfect and I was never rushed or felt pushed into something I was not 100% happy with. I would give them 10 out of 10.

Kevin Alvarado, Owner and Head PT, Science Fitness

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Working with an up-and-running studio can be challenging, in the way you have to minimise the disruption to existing members. Working with Kevin on this was great, as he kept communication very open, and took on many of the ideas we provided without compromising on his own integrity and brand.

We think the results show this very well, and are happy to hear the customers are delighted with the new studio look and feel.

Matthew Griffiths, Account Manager, Origin Fitness

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