Studio Barbells

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  • Origin Body Bars
    Origin Body Bars

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  • Origin Studio Barbell Clamp Collars (30mm)
    The Origin Studio Clamp Collars are manufactured using a strong and durable plastic that is made to last.
    £10.49 ex-VAT £12.59 inc-VAT
  • Origin Rubber Studio Barbells Set
    Origin Rubber Studio Weight Plate Set

    Starting at: £29.99 ex-VAT £35.99 inc-VAT

  • Origin Urethane Studio Barbells Set
    Ideal for high intensity studio classes as well as versatile individual training tools, the Origin Studio Weight Sets are the perfect accessory for any gym setting. Durable, stylish and easily stored – the ideal exercise companion.

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  • Origin Body Bar Rack

    This Origin storage rack is vital for keeping gym floors and workout areas tidy and safe.

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  • Origin Studio Barbell Set
    This Origin Studio Barbell Set is an excellent alternative for strength training during personal training and group fitness sessions.
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  • Origin Studio Barbell Spring Collars
    Pair of Origin Studio Barbell Spring Collars.
    £3.32 ex-VAT £3.98 inc-VAT
  • Origin Studio Barbell Rack For 30 Sets
    The Origin Studio Barbell Rack will hold 30 sets of Origin Studio Weight Plates.
    £376.25 ex-VAT £451.50 inc-VAT
Barbells are a popular weight room training tool for people who want to build their biceps, chest, shoulders, back and forearms. They can also be used to enhance the effect of squats. Barbells are generally solid steel or have a steel bar and cast iron weights. The bar may be straight or contoured for easier gripping. They start at weights as low as 20 pounds so even beginner bodybuilders can use them and simply add weights over time. Various barbell exercises are designed to tone different parts of the body. This curl exercise is suitable for beginners. It works the biceps.